5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Ducted Air Conditioning

Most people appreciate the functionality of having a good air conditioning system installed at their residential or commercial property to provide comfort and to enjoy a cooled space during the hot summer days.

But not a lot of people understand the beneficial uses of having a ducted air conditioning system installed. This option is more expensive but having ducted air conditioning installed allows you to have a centrally controlled air conditioning system throughout the entire property, whereas a split system is centralised in one area.

There are other useful benefits associated with having a ducted AC system.

Larger Properties

large homes

A ducted AC unit is ideal for multi-level or large homes. Instead of having multiple split units installed in every room that will require regular maintenance, you can opt for a ducted system that can efficiently cool down the entire home plus you have the flexibility of isolating cooling in different zones where you would like to have the system turned on. For instance, your AC system can be programmed to cool off the dining area while entertaining guests but switched off in the bedroom areas until needed making this a highly useful feature when considering air conditioners Sunshine Coast.

Easily Controlled Fast And Extensive Cooling Option

A ducted AC system can provide rapid and effective cooling within minutes with just the touch of a button on the push-button keypad. The system has a centrally controlled thermostat which allows the user to extensively cool down an entire property without having to visit each room to switch on individual wall units. You can even set a timer for the system to turn on or off at specific times.

Aesthetically Attractive

Aesthetically Attractive
The ducts are subtly mounted on the ceiling making it an attractive décor consideration: no bulky or unsightly wall units and compressors which are mounted on the walls in every room. A ducted AC system looks stylish, and the installation is seamless.

Less Noisy Option

Less Noisy Option
The master compressor system is usually installed outside the property at a location which provides the user with peace and quiet, without the humming sound of a compressor that can be heard coming from a traditional split system.

Value For Money Option

Value For Money Option
Apart from all the other benefits that you can enjoy from having a ducted AC system installed, you can also benefit economically. The cost of installing and maintaining a ducted AC system in larger or multi-level homes as opposed to having multiple units installed in various rooms merely is the better choice to consider especially if you think about the re-selling value this option provides to your home.


There are plenty of good reasons why you should consider installing a ducted air conditioning system in your home. Not only does this system supply you with flexible, convenient, aesthetically attractive and cost-effective advantages compared to your traditional split AC units, it is also simple and super easy to use and an excellent addition to your home when you want to provide cooling solutions to a large or multi-level space.

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