Precast Concrete Residential Applications

Precast concrete has been used for many years in the construction industry but these applications have been slow to move into the residential building sector. This is actually quite surprising as precast concrete has a lot to offer.

It is essential to note that precast concrete is made inside a factory in a controlled environment. This means that the quality of every piece can be guaranteed to be the same. The precast sections can then be delivered to any building site and erected in virtually any weather.

The installation time is a fraction of the normal time it takes to build a residential structure. But, it is important that you choose a manufacturer with a proven track record for delivering this quality; such as Total Precast. Firms like this will work with you to ensure the mold is made exactly how you want it; allowing you to construct the house if your dreams in a fraction of the usual timescale.

Weather Resistant

Most homes are built to keep the rain and wind out but precast concrete is far stronger than the standard building materials. A precast concrete home, made from reinforced concrete, should be able to withstand severe storms and even hurricanes.



This strength and the thickness of the pre cast concrete also ensures that the building has better insulation than the standard building procedures. The thermal mass properties of concrete help to ensure the heat stays where you want it; inside your home.

Pest Control

A brick house has mortar lines, a wooden house has joins. These are all open invitation s to pests to burrow through and into your home. A precast concrete home doesn’t offer this facility to rodents; it is virtually impregnable. You can contact to for concrete cutting and drilling.

This will ensure the pests stay where they belong; outside of your home.

Fire Control

Fire Control

Don’t forget that concrete is fir proof. It can’t prevent you from burning the furnishings inside your home but the fire won’t completely destroy your home.
That’s a big plus point!

The Look

The Look

It’s nice to have a house that looks a little different but not out of place. Precast concrete offers you the ability to place your own stamp on any property and get that unique look.

The precast concrete can be molded to incorporate a logo, image or simply a pattern. This will help your home to look fantastic, unique and still not out of character with the other houses in your area.

You may be surprised by the range of options available when choosing your precast concrete mold. It can even be made to look like clay, brick, stone, tile, limestone or ceramic!


The greatest part about creating the sections of your home in a factory and then delivering them is not the fact that your home can be erected quickly n virtually any weather. It is actually the fact that your home will arrive on the day you’ve specified. There are very few processes that can disrupt the production of your precast concrete and it’s delivery to you. That means you’ll actually be able to plan your schedule round the first stage of your build.

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