How to Contrast Coloured Kitchens with Marble Worktops?

The colour, material and finish of your kitchen worktops will enhance the entire aesthetic of the space. It is therefore important what you choose to make your kitchen look exceptionally beautiful and sophisticated. Read on to know more!

Contrasting the colour combination of your kitchen cabinets and furniture is essential to leave a lasting impression on your friends and family. Not only the focus of your guests will be on the worktops but also, they will judge how you have managed to match or make a contrast with respect to the colourful walls and other objectsin your kitchen.

People always look for bright colour or the ones with a combination of white and that of a vibrant colour to bring more life to a given space. Colour combinations will help you cheer up when waking up every morning and it also puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day.
Here are some colour combinations of marble worktops, which you can implement in your kitchen:

  • Scenic greenery – Even if you have painted your kitchen walls white or used white marble splashback, you can make your cabinetry go green. Not very deep but a semi-deep shade of green can make the difference. White, grey or green marble worktops are available at reputed online worktops specialists. Going for marble is the way of the wise since it is a durable material. White Carrara marble is in trend in traditional rooms that have green cabinets and green kitchen cabinets. White Carrara marble comes in a wide price range depending on the quality, size and thickness of the slab. Grey quartz worktops are also becoming very popular for Industrial-Chic designs. Designs such as Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete worktops below, can make fantastic impact when combined with Sage green walls and/or furniture.

Scenic greenery

Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete in a green kitchen

  • Blue tinge – This is the one where vibrant colour is making a great leap in the kitchen. People who are having light coloured tiling on the walls are going for dark colour marble worktops like light or dark blue. This idea is generally applicable to the ones who are having a wide kitchen space and plenty of natural light entering the room. Generally, people opt for Italian marble as it is coming from generations after generations, hence you can also opt for Carrara marble with a light blue shade as your worktop colour to add some contrast. In addition to marble, there are several new products that have a very similar look and superior strength. Leading quartz makers have come up with many versions of Carrara marble-effect quartz. In addition to the realistic looks, many homeowners are choosing this type of surface as they require practically no maintenance nor sealants.
  • Blue tinge

Caesarstone Mont Black Quartz offers a great variant of the Carrara marble look

  • Poised Grey – Imagine having a dark colour wall such as off-white or Marian blue with a combination of poised grey marble worktops. If you are comfortable with the imported items then you can also choosegrey marble worktop London, as they come at great pricesand offervaried shades of grey for any kitchen. You can apply this grey tinge on the kitchen island too. This will provide a serene look to your kitchen. If you are going to use bold grey, then go for BiancoStatuario Marble worktops. It is known for its thick grey veining patterns which gives the same an exceptional look.
  • Poised Grey

White Carrara marble worktops in combination with grey kitchen cabinets

  • Polished white – If you are using honey pine or White as your wooden kitchen units, then shiny white marble worktop will bring the best contrast to it. If you are looking for pure white marble, then opt for Calacatta marble worktops. Pure white makes your kitchen look elegant and if the lighting conditions are good, then the result is spectacular, to say the least. White offers timeless appeal and it also brings a touch of minimalism. In addition, the colour white can be combined with any other colour or object in the room. Similarly, white can be put in contrast with black or grey, keeping elegance and charm in the room.
  • Poised Grey

Statuarietto marble in book matched pattern in combination with white kitchen cabinets

Kitchen marble worktops are available in plenty of variations around the world. It is up to you what colour combination you are going to choose. If you are facing difficulties in making up your mind, you can get in touch with a marble specialist for help. To keep it affordable, you can check out online about reputable suppliersof kitchen marble worktop UK. You will find a wide range of textures with vivid colours and which are exceptionally durable.

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