5 New Ways To Incorporate Exercise Into Your Commute In 2022

Daily exercise is a worthy goal but if you have a full-time job it can be hard to make time for it. That’s why turning your commute into a workout is such a great idea. It’s time you’ve already set aside in your day that can now do double duty. So instead of letting your hybrid electric bike languish in the garage until the weekend, get it out and let’s commute to work.

Commuting/Exercising Options

There’s a type of exercise for everybody and every body. If you’re not sure what you would like to do, try them all. Your options include the following:

  1. Jog or run to work. This is an affordable way to commute. All you really need is a good pair of running shoes and sweats or running leggings. A jogging backpack is also handy for carrying your work papers and lunch.
  2. Ride an ebike to work. This is a more expensive option, but it’s much better for longer distances and can get you to work quickly. An ebike gives you an assist when you need it without sacrificing the quality of your workout. Look for the best ebike 2022 for your commute. 
  3. Ride a scooter to work. Scooters have the advantage of going some places bikes can’t, like sidewalks and pedestrian zones. Invest in one with large wheels and hand brakes.
  4. Walk to work. Okay, this is pretty old-fashioned, but when’s the last time you tried it? Walking is a wonderful cardio workout. If your workplace is an hour or less away on foot, this could be a great commute for you.
  5. Cycle to work. If your town has bike lanes, get yourself a nice road bike and get going. You’ll strengthen your leg muscles and burn a lot of calories.

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Look For A Local Bike Commuting Program

Many municipalities, schools, and workplaces offer a bike commuting program. These programs reimburse some of the expenses that bike commuters incur. For example, cyclists can be reimbursed for safety gear, bike repairs, and the cost of storage or parking the bike. You can even get money back for purchasing custom cruiser bicycle accessories.

Check with your local government as well as your employer’s HR office to learn about any bike commuting programs near you. It’s always nice to get paid to be healthier and more environmentally conscious.

Start A Commute Club At Work

Do you know anyone else who would like to exercise on their commute? It’s always more motivating to exercise with others. To start a successful commute club, consider the following:

  • Advertise it well. Make sure you’ve reached multiple departments or divisions to get a lot of interest.
  • Make a map to show who lives near each other and can buddy up on the commute.
  • Encourage members to try new forms of exercise.
  • Implement an incentive program. So many miles of biking equals a drink at happy hour, for example.

With a little ingenuity you can make 2022 the year you exercise on your commute.

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