4 Essential Things to Consider Before Selecting A Termite Control Company

Termites are some of the most destructive pests in New England. The Subterranean termite is the most prevalent and tends to multiply in thousands within just a few days. Sometimes challenging to detect, termites in New England are a threat to your property! While some are not dangerous to humans, they are known to cause damage to your furniture, walls and even threaten the foundation of your home. 

Some of the most common signs of termites in New England infestation include:

Discarded swarms and wings

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The first sign of a new England termite infestation is the evidence of swarms and wings. When they reach capacity, they begin to sprout wings and look for a new area to infest. On finding the ideal spot, they shed off their wings, and the termite queen begins to produce offspring. When you notice this first sign, do not delay calling a pest control company, for things may become more serious. 

Chewing noises

Another sign of a new England termite infestation is quiet clicking sides in the house and on the walls. Soldier termites tend to shake their bodies or bang against the wood to signal danger to the rest of the termites. That is because the insects are sensitive and can easily detect noises and vibrations with their organs. Also, the termites that eat wood are noisy. You will hear them chew it loudly. 

Hollow sounding timber

Termites consume wood from the inside out. When you tap a termite-infested area, it tends to sound hollow or papery since the inside is eaten away. You may also notice some cracks on ceilings, internal walls, skirting boards, and most wood structures. 

How do you choose the best termite control infestation company?

Research on the chemicals they use

If you have children at home, you want to find out about the chemicals in use. There are some eco-friendly pest chemicals, but stronger ones get used in most procedures. Request to be issued with a material safety data sheet to know the products they use to deal with the infestation. 

The termite’s control company should be transparent on any potential health risks associated with using the chemicals. Ask if you need to leave your home and if they’ll protect your property from coming into contact with these chemicals. Take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your family is safe during the termite control activity. 

Ask about warranties

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Termites in New England can be kept at bay for a while, but if you choose the services of an inexperienced pest control company or live in an area prone to termites, they may come back. 

You need to get the assurance that the termite control company you are working with will not just get rid of pests but eliminate them for good. That means that they should take their time to seal off every entry point and teach you how to do the same. 

Ensure to ask for warranties, so you are sure that they will do a thorough job to keep the termites from reentering. No company wants to be called over and over because of doing a shoddy job.


Before choosing a pest control company to deal with the Termites in New England, ensure that they are insured and licensed. Should the staff experience any accidents during their assignment, you will not be held responsible. Should your property get damaged in their line of duty, the company should take full responsibility.

Also, a licensed company is proof that they know how to do their job. Request to see their licenses to assess if they are well recognized and allowed to carry out pest control services. If the accompanying fails to produce insurance and credentials, walk away.  

Understand their quotes and fees

Before hiring the services of a termite control company, you need to confirm the rates. If the company is unsure of how much to charge you, it’s time to look for a better one. The quote should be upfront. And no additional or hidden charges should get included. 

If the company gives their quote on the telephone without asking about the specific service you want or evaluating your issue, it may be time to look for professionals.

Remember, the quote will depend on several factors such as project length, the severity of the infestation, and the techniques used in getting rid of the pests. 

Ask if you need to pay in a lump sum or if you can pay in bits. Working within your budget in dealing with termites in New England is crucial.

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