3 Useful Considerations When Choosing Wooden Windows And Doors

When selecting wooden doors or windows for your home, it is fundamental that you are opting for the best possible quality that falls within your budget. Not only will this selection boost the overall aesthetic look, but it can improve the functionality and quality of the structure in question. It can also substantially impact your finances long-term when it comes to maintenance and insulation costs. Timber goes a long way and is an eco-friendly selection since it is a renewable resource, it offers a unique rich look and is an exceptional insulator. However, not all wooden doors and windows are the same, and there are various best practice measures that must be followed from the outset to make sure they provide optimal functionality and are long-lasting.

Sealant And Finish

Any type of wooden door and window have to be sealed before glazing or installation. By not doing so, the raw timber products are left at the mercy of weather elements. Whether being installed or stored, if not properly sealed, the exposure to any damp conditions or rain can substantially damage the timber long-term. Therefore, any timber products must be appropriately sealed and not left unprotected before installation and before the glazing is fitted.

Hardware Makes All The Difference

Hardware Makes All The Difference

Even though it may appear that any selection will suffice when it comes to bolts, handles and locks in high performance doors and windows, the hardware you select can significantly impact the functionality, aesthetic, and durability. I can also have an influence on the overall security of the home. The hardware is vital to the mechanics of windows and doors, since it regulates how the doors and windows are opened, closed and locked. As such, it influences whichever product in question. It must be strong, corrosion and weather resistant as well as look aesthetically good. Hardware does not only play a role in looks and security because wood is a natural material that is prone to swelling and drying because it adapts to the balance of the climatic moisture substance. Movement can be anticipated on the wood, which depends on the eco-system where a door is installed, for instance, frequent exposure to heat, harsh sun or rain. Therefore, it is recommended to install bolts on both sides of double doors to make provision for two or three seasonal changes to avoid any movement or warping until the natural equilibrium of the timber has been reached. On patio doors, it is recommended to install two-barrel bolts on every leaf. For traffic doors, a roller catch must be fitted on the door in question.

Roof Overhang

It is always a recommendation to prevent direct sun and rain to penetrate any natural product. Just like you would use an umbrella when it rains or wear a hat to protect you from harmful UV rays, wood must be protected in the same way. For this reason, it is a recommended practice internationally to install overhangs. A sufficient overhang is a crucial addition for safeguarding the durability and functionality of any wooden product for protection against the elements. If a roof’s eaves are not enough, a separate overhang must be added.

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