Introducing Canadian Log Home Kits


Canadian Log Home Kits

Canada is considered as the second-largest country in the world. Its country is known to have a large area for its forests. It is rich with timbers such as Douglas Fir and red cedar. The country has a sustainable forest management, which made them one of the suppliers of good quality timbers.

Alberta and Construction with Timber

Recent news discussed the construction of 12 story wooden buildings. The Alberta government has approved it and said it will be under the new building code. According to them, this is the first time in their province (read more).

Styles of Houses in Canada

Styles of Houses in Canada

People in Canada have many choices regarding building their houses. The building or purchasing a house greatly depends on the personality of the person. Get to know the different styles better here. You might not know; one could be your dream house already.

  • Country Style

This style invites a warm and homey feeling to the people who live in it. And it is usually made up of wood or other materials like rocks, which you can see on the floors, siding, and ceilings. Furniture plays a great role in displaying a country house ambiance. A wooden table or window are just some that you can use inside it.

  • Cottage Style

Almost the same with country style, it also uses wood. It is evident on the floors, ceilings, and doors. This style shows simplicity in aesthetics in the interior. It proves durability that lasts for a lifetime.

  • Modern Style

Modern style houses are usually sophisticated in design and layout. It highlights the important areas inside the house. It could be the living room and the dining area. People like the vibrancy it projects.

Tips in Getting a Log Home

You must be fully ready when planning to build your house. Below are just some pieces of advice that you can follow. This guides you to be aware and more knowledgeable about the topic before sealing a deal. Everything should go under scrutiny.

First, the most important thing that you should consider is your budget. Although you have your hard-earned money to put up your own house, this might not suffice everything that you need. Remember that prices vary and that you have to be very sure about what home kit to get. Also, do not forget to pay for insurance.

Second, hire only the best house contractor. Many companies show expertise in building these homes. It will be better if you do a background check before committing yourself to them. Make sure that you can communicate to them your concerns regarding schedule, budget, and designs without hesitation and trouble.

Third, scan and study log home kits. Since it is becoming popular already. This could be a great choice for you and your family. This is not just only conveying the designs that you want for your house, you are considering the specific materials that you want to use for it.

Let us now go to log home kits.

What are log home kits?

What are log home kits

Nowadays, home kits are very popular in Canada because of the convenience it offers to people. It almost has everything that you need in building your own home. It includes basic materials like roofing systems, windows, doors, and wall systems. In the home kits, the homeowner can deliberately choose the type of logs, notch, and floorings.

Many companies in Canada are offering different home kits that you can choose from. It is designed to present a possible layout that you the homeowner prefers. These are made up of prefabricated structures. With this, it saves a lot of time from planning to building the log home.

Most Canadian log home kits also offer different prices. The prices greatly depend on the inclusion that it has and the quality of logs that will be used. You can go as high as more than 300 Canadian dollars. Yet, you can go for more affordable home kits and plans to finally get the design that you want without splurging too much money.

What are the three styles of a log house?
You are probably decided now to take the next step. And that is to decide whether you are after a full-beam, post and beam or timber frame.

Full Beam

Logs are positioned or installed horizontally like for walls and roof. This kind of style is proven to give strength to the entire structure of the house.

Post and Beam

This uses timbers for walls and posts. The timber posts hold or handle the vertical logs.

Timber Frame

The frame of the house itself is made up of timbers. This is entirely different from the full beam, which is constructed entirely of wood.

Advantages of Using Logs for Homes

Advantages of Using Logs for Homes

Aside from having a sophisticated, yet comfortable look because of the large timbers, it also has its advantages.

You can count on its durability.

Using the trees like Douglas firs and cedar, the houses’ foundation is expected to be strong. The timber used guarantees long-lasting usage. It can never easily wear out. Good maintenance is needed to keep it polished and nice.

It serves as your protection.

Getting timber for your house is a good choice for strong weather, especially during the winter season. There is a better insulation to keep the air inside the house warm. Also, it can give protection to you and your families from wild animals. Your safety is a priority.

It gives a cozy feeling.

Its presence gives a warm feeling to everyone inside the house. It clears your mind from distractions because the atmosphere is very light and welcoming. Anyone would love to stay here. This is perfect for family vacations, too.

You can never go wrong with this kind of house. It can go a long way with proper maintenance. It can even be passed to generation to another generation. This is a good investment considering that its value increases in time.

This article has helped you explore more on using log and its home kits. For more added information, you can visit this link These homes are present for many reasons. It changes one’s perspective on building and designing one’s home.

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