10 Summer Rug Ideas to Update Your Home


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Winter is almost over, spring is within touching distance, while summer is just around the corner. It’s an exciting time for doing pretty much anything, but one thing well worth doing for the upcoming seasons is a spot of decorating.

An easy way to update a space in your home is to change out the accessories for more summer-friendly alternatives. Summer rugs are a great way to do this, giving you the chance to replace those heavy winter rugs with some lighter and more refreshing for the spring and summer. However, if this isn’t for you, then keep on reading for some helpful tips on what you could do to change your house around.

Natural Look with Natural Materials

Natural Look Rug
Natural rug materials are a great change from synthetic materials typically used in heavier rugs. For instance, sisal rugs are made from plant fibers, offering a simple yet stylish natural look perfect for the summer.

Go Casual with Cotton

Casual with Cotton
Cotton is another great natural fiber and one of the cheapest out there, so a cotton rug offers a budget-friendly summer rug. Soft and breathable, they provide a nice casual look, making them ideal for a hassle-free summer rug switch up.

A Soft Silk Rug

Soft Silk Rug
Nothing is softer on the feet than a silk rug, yet they tend to soak up moisture so aren’t ideal for the winter months. A silk rug for the summer is a fantastic idea, being the best time to use this soft material thanks to the pleasant weather.

Polyester Rugs Offer a Cost-Friendly Update

Polyester Rugs
Those with families and high-traffic homes may need to update to a summer rug out of necessity – some rugs just face more wear and tear than others!

For a cheap summer update, consider a polyester rug. Available in a nice selection of bold colors, polyester is ideal for those seeking an update that can take a high volume of traffic and still look great.

Lightweight Wool Rugs

Lightweight Wool Rugs
Wool is a common material used in rugs and is available in varying thicknesses. A lightweight wool rug is soft yet durable, with handmade wool rugs offering a luxurious summer upgrade that you won’t regret.

Woven Jute Rugs for a Summer Texture

Woven Jute Rugs
Much like sisal rugs, jute rugs offer a wonderful summer upgrade thanks to their natural properties. A woven jute rug offers a natural texture that your feet will appreciate during the humid summers, while their durability makes them a worthwhile investment.

Flatweave Rugs Offer a Light Summer Alternative

Flatweave Rugs
Flatweave rugs are available in both natural and synthetic materials and come in various styles, sizes, and colors. One thing that makes them the perfect summer rug is their lightweight design. Not only is this good for the warmer season but great for placing under furniture, doors, etc.

Embrace the Outdoors with an Olefin Rug

Olefin Rug
Who said your summer rug needs to be used indoors? An olefin rug is one of the most durable available, and its ability to withstand moisture makes it a fine option for using in an outdoor space such as a patio or decking.

Acrylic Rugs for a Colourful and Lightweight Update

Acrylic Rugs
Acrylic rugs are lightweight so suitable for the summer but also come in a wide range of colors – perfect for adding some summer brightness to a room. It’s a great synthetic alternative to wool rugs and may be preferable for busy households and high traffic spots.

Tanned Leather Rugs

Tanned Leather Rugs
Animal skins may be better suited for winter treatments when they feature faux fur, but certain styles are a fine choice for a summer look. For instance, tanned leather is thin and lightweight yet soft beneath the foot.

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