Why Your Nursery Should Be Color Neutral In The First Set Of Months?


The color of a baby’s nursery is usually based on the gender of the baby in our civilized world today. It is expected that the color for the nursery of a baby girl is something pink or peach, or any color suitable for a lady. For boys, it is no news to notice the color blue in most nurseries. But it is now an expert opinion that using varieties of colors might not be suitable for the baby in its first set of months. It has been proven that newborn babies only primarily see shades of black, grey and white, and it is advised that the colors that the parents intend to should wait till the baby is about three months of age.

Black and White Colours Stimulate Growth

Nursery Room Black and White Colours
It was discovered from research that a monochrome color scheme that is filled with contrasting shapes and patterns gives the newborn baby a very powerful form of visual stimulation. Bold colors like white and black send the most powerful signals to the brain of the baby, and this was explained by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. It was stated that the strong signals perceived by the baby due to these colors help in the stimulation of the growth of the brain and also help in enhancing visual development. It is now clear how much black and white affects the growth and development of children. Flushing the minds of babies less than 3 months old with a mixture of colors might seem flashy and fashionable but do not have positive effects on the baby.

The Black and White Décor Variety

Nursery Room Black and White Decor Variety
For those interested in trying out monochrome colors that are visually stimulating, there are a lot of variations to try to give it a stylish and stimulating look at the same time. Painting a room bland with just black and white would just not do, what needs to be done is mixing the colors to make it more attractive.

The Dalmatian Spots: One variation is the Dalmatian Spots, and it is a very baby friendly way of painting a room. They are imperfect dots of white on black or black on white, whichever one suits you. It brings the fun and whimsy to a room, and it is very appealing to the eye either done on the wall, the crib bedding or the mattress. The comfort mattress with a Dalmatian spot covering can be purchased.
Nursery Room Dalmatian Spots

The Wall Decals: this other variation involves using different objects and shapes mixed to form a simple design. They are easy to apply and remove and are very ideal for a nursery that is subject to change. Shapes like circles, triangles, or raindrops are good examples to try and are simple enough for a baby’s crib. Bold stripes are usually to indicate elegance and sophistication, nothing more. They are also baby friendly, and a good design for a baby’s room. It is one of the popular ways of painting a baby’s room.
Nursery Room Wall Decals Idea

The Black with White accents: this is a beautiful variation with a very daring color pattern when paired with pops of white. It is sleek and a very good looking pattern.
Nursery Room Black with White accents
In case there is a need for a look that can be changed at will, the ideal paint is the Chalkboard Paint. Chalkboard paint is very easy to paint on and is very dynamic and flexible in designs.

Add more colors

Nursery Room Color Ideas
After the first three months of the baby’s life, colors begin to get more defined and clearer. In this situation, the best thing to do is to add some colors to the nursery to help the child maintain a steady brain stimulation rate and brain growth rate. If you are not an expert in handling paint tools or you have poor skill in painting, there are ways to go around it and still implement those ideas and concepts you have for the beauty of your baby’s cot. How? Just get a do it yourself kit which would explain all the procedures for you, and checkup sources online to get a better understanding of what to do.

Just go simple with art, furniture, the toys and even books. How you arrange these and the color you use for each goes a long way to adding the beauty of the room.

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