Tips for Preventing Cockroach Infestations During Winter


Most pests are seasonal in their activity. Mice, for example, tend to seek shelter when the colder months arrive, so you’ll most likely encounter them during the fall in Canada. Insects generally disappear when the cold and snow sets in and come out in spring or summer. However, there’s one hardy pest that can even withstand the cold Canadian winter. You guessed it: the cockroach.

Cockroaches don’t hibernate and can stay active year-round as long as they don’t completely freeze. They will die eventually if exposed to severe cold, but they are masters at finding comfortable places to hide throughout the year. During the winter, they can even find relatively warmer places to hide outdoors.

The best defense against cockroaches is prevention. If you’re a homeowner, don’t give them places where they can hide and survive the winter. If you already have a cockroach infestation, there’s nothing you can do except call a professional right away. That being said, there are ways to minimize your chances of attracting cockroaches, especially during the winter.

Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Home

Unlike other insects, cockroaches are still active during the winter, and can easily infiltrate your home in a variety of ways. The most common way involves transferring outdoor materials indoors or storing cockroach-attracting materials near your home.

Cockroaches love undisturbed areas where they can hide. A pile of firewood, for example, would be ideal for them. As you bring the wood into your home for your fireplace, a cockroach can hitch a ride with it. You may not even notice it until it’s too late.

Before bringing firewood into your home, inspect it closely. Make sure there are no cockroaches or other pests such as ants on it. If you can, store firewood on a raised platform outside your home. When you do bring the wood inside, put it directly into the fireplace to minimize the chance of any pests surviving the trip.

Mulch is another material cockroaches love to hide in. The moist environment provided by a pile of mulch is simply irresistible to them. In fact, Canadian homes that store mulch are far more likely to have cockroach infestations than any others. Store any mulch far away from your home (at least a few feet). Don’t make it easy for the pests to transfer from outdoor hiding places to your home’s interior.

Leave it to the Experts

Remember, if cockroaches have infested your home, don’t try to fight them yourself. Unless you call a professional, it’s a losing battle. Cockroaches are true survivors and can go a long time without needing to eat. They can pose a host of health issues to you and your family as well. When it comes to cockroaches, it’s just not worth putting up with them at all.

Find a Trusted Exterminator

While prevention can help, infestations do happen. Don’t panic – just remember to call a trusted and experienced pest control professional. Remember, as pest infestations rise, so do the number of extermination companies. That’s why it’s important to find one that you can depend on to get the job done efficiently and discreetly.

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