Working From Home? How to Convert Your Garage to an Office Space


Your Garage to an Office Space

Finding the right working space in your home can make a big difference to your new daily routine.

To effectively work from home, you need to carve out a dedicated space that provides privacy, quiet and the ability to focus without interruption. The ideal space should separate work from leisure/family life for maximum productivity.

There are many options for a working area and they largely depend on your home’s overall plan. Everything from a bedroom, a forgotten attic to the basement can become a workspace, but your garage provides a quirky and fun alternative.

Why use your garage?

For many people, the garage is just a dark dungeon-like area with abandoned car accessories, broken down appliances and general dumping ground for anything we do not want to deal with, but, garages have a lot of untapped potential.
Why use your garage
Garages make an ideal home office since their location is somehow set apart from your main household, helping you to create a healthy distance between home and work life. So, how can we turn this oft-neglected space into a vibrant workspace?

Steps to turning your home garage into a cozy office

Tommy Weisz, CEO of Cash House Buyers USA says, The task of transforming your garage into an office demands the right planning and ingenuity. Keep in mind that some States need proper permits and compliance with county and city building codes. Additionally, the garage should meet the municipal standards on habitable space. Here some tips to follow in making your garage a cozy working space.

Survey the space

Most home garages overall layout consist of overhead lighting, concrete floor, and garage doors. This means that to come up with a unique and pleasant office you may need to think a little out of the box.

Clean it out

Since most garages act as dumping ground for everything from paint cans, Christmas ornaments to car accessories and furniture, start by decluttering the space.

Remove everything kept in the garage, throw away what’s no longer usable, give away or sell the items that are functional but you no longer need and find a new location or area to store extra items. Pack them in neat boxes and put on labels for easy sorting in the future and for the items needed frequently, install storage ranks for easy access.
Clean it out
After decluttering, give your garage a thorough cleaning to remove car grease stains and lingering cobwebs. Decluttering your space means enjoying reduced anxiety and stress, boosting creativity and productivity, attributes that will come in handy when working there.

Consider Insulation

Given that garages aren’t designed for year-round living, they lack a proper cooling and heating system. To enjoy comfortability regales of climate, you can connect your home HVAC system to the garage by changing the wiring structure. You can also opt for manual insulation by investing in a standalone and portable air-conditioned fan to use during warmer days or space heater for winter seasons.

In case you plan to stay longer periods in your garage office, it is advisable to invest in an insulated garage door to save on energy and guard against extreme weather.

Think about lightning

Lighting your home office should become a priority since you will need a mixture of ambient and natural lighting. Most garages have limited access to natural light, but you can invest in glass garage doors and windows.

Customize your garage office to capture natural light while providing UV protection, safety, privacy, and energy-saving by embracing window tints.

If you cannot add natural lighting, add more light by fitting your garage office with a hanging lamp or desk lamp. Choose from yellow or white lighting according to your preference and needs. White lighting imitates natural light, and it makes a room appear expansive while yellow lightning provides a cozy atmosphere.

Decorate and furnish

After turning your garage into a clean and well lighted space, it’s time to turn your attention to aesthetics and style.

Painting the walls with light colors or natural schemes give it a calm, relaxing vibe while making it look more spacious and brighter.

To make the floor more inviting, cover it with rugs. Add the right décor to your garage office to give it a comfortable, inspired, and motivating look using an ergonomic desk and chair. Opt for hanging shelves and desk organizations to minimize clutter.
Decorate and furnish
Accent the room to receive clients by adding a sitting area with comfortable chairs, a small refrigerator, coffee machine, and a basket of snacks.

Add a personalized touch

Be sure to add a bit of customized feel to your garage office by hanging artwork by bringing in tasteful decorations, putting family pictures, adding large mirrors, and other significant memorabilia. This gives it a warm and welcoming feel.

Check out Technology

Most home offices need the internet, several computers, video equipment, and printing machines for it to become fully functional.

Ensure you place them in the right position with enough outlets. Evaluate your internet connection to ensure it’s reliable and fast. Also, your phone should work well regardless of whether the windows and doors are open or closed.


Working from home provides a better work and life balance. Having a garage home office means enjoying benefits like less commute time, less environmental impact, location independence, and improved inclusivity. Incorporate the above DIY tips and tricks and enjoy a comfortable, productive home office.

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