5 Ways to Show Your Dog How Much He Is Loved


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Your Dog

Admit it: If push came to shove and you were asked to identify someone with who you would want to be stranded on a tropical island, you wouldn’t be the first person on earth to say, “My dog.”

It’s easy to see why.

She is faithful, remarkably funny, never asks for expensive gifts, and won’t send you running to a therapist.

Unless, of course, it’s a dog therapist because you have no idea why she’s lost interest in her favorite toy and you’re worried about this sudden turn of events.

Given the amount of devotion and pleasure dogs give their owners, showing your dog lots of love isn’t just good for her but for your mental and physical wellbeing, too. The following five suggestions make a good start on your campaign to show your pup more love. Once you begin to see the love in his eyes after trying them, you’ll want to find more ways to cement this amazing relationship. Check out some of the other amazing herbal anti-inflammatory which will help your dog to feel good.

Love Tip #1: Master The Art Of Belly Rubbing

Master The Art Of Belly Rubbing
What? You haven’t figured out that the reason Droolius Caesar drops to the ground and rolls over the minute you walk into a room has to do with his craving for a good belly rub? He wants one and you’re the designated rubber, pet parent. Belly rubs not only feel good but they help elevate the bond of trust between you and your BFF.

While you’re at it, enhance your rub session by including his ears and you are likely to see the light of pure bliss in his eyes. This is no coincidence. Ear rubbing can trigger the release of endorphins in a dog’s brain and you know how good it feels when someone rubs your neck, right?

Love Tip #2: Elevate Snuggling To New Heights

One of the ways dogs tell their moms and dads that they could use more affection is to press against their legs. This doggie hug request is not restricted by breed or size and it’s especially comforting when the outside world feels threatening for one reason or another.

Because your dog is a pack animal, “close contact makes them feel safe and secure,” says Kristen Levine, an animal behaviorist, and blogger. From thunder and lightning to a bad day at the dog park, elevating a leg press to lap time or bed snuggling (admit it: Thor beats a body pillow any day of the week and twice on Sunday), a variety of snuggles and hugs are all great ways to show your dog love.

Love Tip #3: Find A Local Dog Park. You Need The Exercise, Too

Since one good turn deserves another, there’s no better routine to get into than dog park time where socializing with other dog parents benefits you and Mary Puppins. Having fun together at a local dog park does more than get both of you out into the fresh air; it’s also an opportunity to let your dog run around and meet other pets; a particularly beneficial experience for dogs who have no yards to chase around or who are apartment dwellers.
Find A Local Dog Park. You Need The Exercise, Too
Outdoor romps deliver physical benefits so your dog stays healthier. These perks include stronger skeletal systems, more robust circulatory systems and time at the park can help their hearts stay healthy. Besides, dogs are social creatures and most of them love making new friends. You do, too, so invest in winter gear for your pooch so you can make this a year-round expression of your love.

Love Tip #4: Learn To Speak Dog So You’re Both On The Same Page

Thus far, nobody has managed to design a language app that enables dog owners to converse at a relatively high level, but you can show your love by mastering the art of “reading” Jabba the Mutt.

How to speak dog?

Identify stress signals that translate as everything from, “Stop doing what you’re doing, it’s really annoying me” to “Get me out of here because I’m uncomfortable/afraid.”

What are the most common ways dogs show discomfort? Perhaps ears go down or tails go from full wag to disappearing between hind legs. Some dogs freeze in place when they panic while others scamper to hiding places. Learning to recognize these signs and the ones unique to your canine will earn his or her undying devotion and isn’t that what love is all about?

Love Tip #5: Make A Few Faces To Communicate Your Love

Dogs are highly intelligent and they have a knack for reading facial expressions. Are you aware of the fact that the scholarly journal Scientific Reports published a study proving that dogs communicate with the humans they love via their eyebrows? This is no junk science. In fact, this facial move is built into a dog’s DNA and tied to his emotional response patterns.
Make A Few Faces To Communicate Your Love
How far did researchers go to fine-tune this study? They discovered that not only do dogs use their eyebrows to communicate with other dogs when humans aren’t around but left eyebrows often do all of the talking. Next time you commune with your pup, try lifting your left eyebrow to convey your emotional connection to her. This could take practice, but it’s well worth the effort. If nothing else, you can say you speak another language. You don’t have to tell anyone that the language is “Eyebrow”.

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