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Wooden Oak Pews for Your Interior

Wooden Oak Pews for Your Interior

When the time of the restoration comes, the first things to be exchanged in the church are the pews or benches. What to take into account when choosing the new equipment?

The church, regardless of if it’s modern or with history, doesn’t require much equipment. The level of decoration obviously depends not only on the decor concept but also the confession. Nevertheless, the nave does not usually have any other furniture than the pews. This fundamental equipment should provide the believers with at least basic comfort, remaining durable enough to survive decades in an almost untouched state.

Even though most of us associate the pews with the uncomfortable, coarse seat, it doesn’t have to be like that. The modern church benches and chairs are designed to be comfortable and remain durable for decades.

Chairs or benches – What to choose?

In modern churches, pews are often replaced with chairs for a few reasons. First, they are more adjustable, which is particularly important for the elderly.

The second reason is the possibility to move the chairs that enables changing the configuration according to the nature of a particular religious celebration. Let’s not forget that this feature also makes cleaning easier.

However, the pews are considered to have a more solid structure. Some also point out its decorative potential. There is one more significant feature that gives it a prevalence over the chairs – the kneelers. For a comfortable prayer, it is essential.


Which type of wood will be the most suitable?

When choosing the pews, it is significant to pay attention to the type of wood. In general, hardwood will be more suitable for this type of furniture due to its durability. As pews are in constant use, they need some solid material that will be resistant to damages. Softwood will not necessarily be the best fit due to lower endurance and strength.

What kinds of hardwood should you consider? Oak is a species that takes the lead among the leafy trees, at least when it comes to furniture. Comparing to mahogany or other exotic woods, it is cheaper to produce and operate while providing the same level of durability. The oak pews are the most popular for these reasons. However, you may find some other materials that might be a good fit: for example, sapele, maple, cedar, or ash.

When choosing the perfect highest quality european oak church bench – search for: ” kirchenbänke “, try taking into account all the aspects mentioned above, as well as the shaping of the seats and their height. Try prioritizing the features, deciding what matters the most – flexibility, comfort, or durability.

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