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How Do Ducts Affect Your Air Conditioner

How Do Ducts Affect Your Air Conditioner

One of the things that add to America’s beauty is its diversity in climatic conditions in different parts. Some places can have sun all year long, and some confront extended winters and freezing cold temperatures. Did you ever wonder what the connecting thread between the two is? 

A functioning heating/cooling system ( HVAC) that keeps everyone comfortable and cozy in the humble abodes regardless of the open-air temperature. Living in a place with a long sunny summer is undoubtedly a blessing. Think of all the tan you can get and certainly the summer picnics. However, a moderately relaxed environment via Air conditioners is what you will need when you are at home. 

90% of the American households have air-conditioners in their homes, and only 23% of them use individual air conditioners. People who opt to install window air conditioners must invest in air conditioner insulation to maximize its efficiency. On the other hand, central air conditioning is a more efficient, prevalent, but expensive option is a significant investment. Everyone desires that nothing should influence their performance. 

An average life on the air conditioner can be up to 15 years. To ensure that your AC unit lasts this longer or maybe more and you enjoy it to the maximum, AC ducting is the answer. Properly installing and maintaining air ducts heating and cooling can do wonders for your heating and air conditioning units. Ductwork plays a vital role in keeping you comfortable on warmer days and enhancing the air conditioning system’s efficiency. But first thing first. Let’s explain what an air conditioner duct does?

Air conditioner ducts are an essential component of a central air conditioning system. They are the passages that supply and remove air from the indoor environment and ensure even cooled air distribution.

Ductwork Conditions With A Negative Impact On Air Conditioners

Home maintenance can be tricky sometimes as there are tons of tasks you must pay attention to keep it in immaculate condition. If you rely on central air conditioners for cooling, your ductwork needs regular inspection and duct cleaning services to avoid any increase in your bills or weakened cooling units’ performance. 

In all modern homes, ducts are 100% concealed, and it is very easy to neglect their conditions, but as a responsible homeowner, even if your ducts are hidden behind walls, under floors, or in the ceiling, you must not ignore them. We have jotted down a list of conditions that could negatively influence your ac performance. Have a look.

Damaged AC Ducts:

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Damaged or broken ducts can lead to significant air loss, reducing air conditioners’ airflow and performance. The dilemma doesn’t end here; your energy bills will increase. Overall you lose your peace of mind and comfort. 

Did you know that air duct leaks and damages contribute to 20 to 30% of air losses? So if you are experiencing any unexpected hike in your utility bills, it’s high time to inspect your air condition duct network for leaks, poor connections, holes, or cracks and get them fixed asap. It will improve your air conditioners’ efficiency and save you from the associated financial and comfort losses. 

Improper Sized Ducts:

Another condition that lowers your AC performance is adopting unsuitable sized ducts with the air conditioner units. A smaller aircon ducting that doesn’t pair well with the AC will cause the air conditioners to make mysterious noises, which most people confuse for a regular noise of an air duct. Installing appropriated size ducts is essential in any case. An oversized duct isn’t ideal, too, resulting in reduced airflow and poor temperature maintenance in the indoor living space. 

A large duct doesn’t allow the air to reach every vent properly; therefore the AC takes more extended periods to achieve the set temperature. This will poke holes in your wallet, and with improperly sized ducts, you are just dripping money, and your AC life span is also reduced due to over functioning. 

Ineffectual Air Duct Insulation:

Ineffectual Air Duct Insulation

Ductless air conditioners sure have their pros and cons, but if you choose to have a central air conditioning unit with air conditioner ducts, don’t forget to get it properly insulated. Insulation prohibits uneven cooling in the house and air losses from the supply and returns ducts. If the ac ducting is uninsulated or improperly insulated, moisture enters the vents. Therefore it will result in extra strain on the ac unit causing wear and tear. Frequent repairs and energy costs increment are some additional disadvantages.

Dirty Air Conditioner Ducts:

The first thing that pops into most people’s minds when they hear the word AC cleaning is replacing air filters and vacuuming air vents. Unfortunately, air ducts are the most neglected part of an air conditioning system. Sometimes homeowners don’t even touch them for years. 

Accumulation of dust and debris in the air duct pipes is typical for air conditioners’ poor performance. Cleaning it regularly is necessary as it comes with a wide range of benefits that you will love. Above all, your AC performance will be skyrocketing after a thorough cleaning event. A service-oriented HVAC and Plumbing company like American Home Water & Air can efficiently deal with air duct cleaning.

Why Do You Need Air Condition Duct Cleaning?

  • If you are sick of vacuuming your home every day and still spot dust on your furniture, then dirty air ducts may be the culprit. Getting your ac air ducts professionally cleaned creates a dirt-free clean living space, therefore, saves you from the nuisance of everyday cleaning.
  • Dirty air carries dust mites, microorganisms, and other pollutants. If you are prone to dust allergies, incorporating duct cleaning in your Ac cleaning regime is the most recommended thing.
  • Air duct cleaning improves your ac unit performance, elevates airflow, and increases your ac unit lifespan.
  • Have you been smelling foul odors in your home when you turn on your ac units? This is an indication of your air ducts demanding a professional cleaning. Get it clean and breathe in a clean environment.
  • Air ducts are favorite spots for rodent infestation. Opting for a duct cleaning can prevent it and remove their droppings from the ducts blocking the airflow.
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