Why Should You Opt for HEPA Purification Technology While Buying Car Air Purifiers?

In today’s world where pollution is omnipresent – whether it is indoors or outdoors, you are not spared from it even when you are travelling in your car. Though controlling outdoor pollution is not in your hands, you can definitely do something to control pollution inside your car – by using air purifiers. Indoor air purifiers have been in high demand of late and the car air purifiers are also not far behind.

While there are several kinds of car air purifiers that work based on different technologies like Ozone disinfection technology and HEPA purification technology, it’s the HEPA air purifiers that are more popular. A HEPA car air purifier is capable of filtering dust, pollen, smoke and other gaseous pollutants that are present in the cabin space. When switched on, such air purifiers are capable of keeping the cabin air clean for breathing.

If you have been wondering why HEPA car air purifiers are popular, read on to find out. Before that, let’s check out the major air pollutants in a car.

Sources of Air Pollutants in Car

Sources of Air Pollutants in Car

There are multiple pollutants that add up to air pollution in the cabin space:

1.Bad Odour
2.Smoke (due to cigarette/ tobacco)
3.Carbon dioxide
4.Pet dander/hair
5.Dust, pollen, germs

Many people wonder if HEPA car air purifiers work in a different way when compared to a room air purifier and if they are as efficient as a room air purifier. However, the car air purifiers also work based on the same principle. The only difference is that they are smaller in size but equally efficient.

There are plenty of car purifiers in the market based on technologies like negative ion generator, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, ozone disinfection technology etc. But, HEPA is by far considered to be the best.

Why Is HEPA Purification Technology Based Car Purifier a Preferred Option?

HEPA Purification Technology Based Car Purifier
Continue reading to find out why HEPA car air purifiers are considered to be the best option:

Clears Hazardous Air Pollutants

Clears Hazardous Air Pollutants
With the help of HEPA filters, the car purifier can easily get rid of harmful pollutants in the car cabin. By utilising the 3-stage filtration process, it is capable of removing all kinds of toxic gases and air pollutants.

Removes Particulate Matter Dispersed in Air

Removes Particulate Matter Dispersed in Air
With HEPA filter enabled technology, a car air purifieris capable of removing particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) that is present in the car cabin.

Eradicates Bacteria and Other Microbes

Bid goodbye to all the airborne diseases caused by harmful bacteria in the air. The HEPA filter effectively removes all the bacteria present inside the car so that the passengers can breathe in pure air without contracting any airborne diseases.

These are few of the amazing benefits that passengers can experience when they install HEPA car air purifier. Therefore, before buying any random car purifier, do check the specifications and features of the air purifying appliance. Make a smart decision and choose health over diseases this season!

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