Settling For the Right Bean Bags for Kids

Bean bags have come a long way. Today, they are highly advanced, multifunctional, sleek, and are available in amazing designs for enhanced comfort. For the kids, the chairs offer a great environment where they can relax, watch a movie or play their favourite games. What’s more, there are exceptionally beautiful bean bags that add beauty to the focal point of your home. There are also themed bean bags and they can be used to enhance the beauty of your living room or your children’s bedroom.

However, with a variety to choose from, you need to customize your search to settle for the right bean bags. Below are a number of factors to keep in mind as you make a purchase.



Safety is paramount when buying bean bags for kids. This means you should consider a chair that comes with a child safe zipper. It is important especially if you have kids below the age of 5 in your home. Remember, bean bag fillers are made of different types of materials including polyurethane beads and foam.

In this light, consider a bean bag that is filled with non-flammable beads. A good and safe bean bag is also hypoallergenic and held in tightly so that kids cannot access and play with the beads. Accidents happen when least expected and with adventurous kids, they can easily try to get the beads out to play with. Therefore, look for the best bean bags with reinforced locking zippers and tight seams.

Comfort level

Comfort level
Bean bags are naturally comfortable. Even so, you need to define the needs of your kids when buying the chairs. It is imperative to get bean bag chairs that offer high levels of comfort. Such bean bags offer an incredible environment where kids can lounge as they play, watch their favourite movies or play games.

Therefore, consider the age of the kids to purchase a chair that can comfortably provide enough space for play. If your children love pets, choose bean bags that can accommodate them all. Remember, having a bean bag that supports the whole body is an excellent way to relax.

You should also consider the available space to find a chair that fits in well. The way the chair will be used and where plays a significant role in determining the type of chair you will purchase.


Bean bags are made of different materials including;

  • Faux leather.
  •  Faux suede.
  •  Polyester especially for outdoor purposes.
  •  Cotton.

Cotton bean bags are practically colourful, soft and strong, hence excellent for lounging.
It is wise to note that these materials vary in terms of quality and durability. Therefore, depending on your needs, choose a fabric that is long lasting, easy to clean and offers the best lounging environment. A stain resistant fabric is the best to settle for as it is convenient for kids. During play, kids can spill drinks on the bean bags and if the material is stain resistant, it becomes easy to clean and maintain it.

A quality bean bag is also highly resistant to wear and tear. This means you can use the bean bag over a long haul without it wearing out. Such a beanbag doesn’t become extremely soft and supple over time, therefore, allowing your kids to enjoy the comfortable moments.


Bean bags come in a wide array of colours. This is based on the type of materials used. You will find black, grey, red, orange, green and purple chairs among other amazing colours. Depending on personal preferences of the kids choose colours they love.

You can go for themed chairs if your kids love to associate with cartoon characters such as Spiderman, Princess Elsa, Princess Sofia or even racing car themed chairs. Such chairs will make lounging for the kids comfortable and fun.


Bean bags are available in different designs. Based on the available space in the room that the chairs will be used, it is imperative to settle for a design that will fit in well to complete the look of the room.


Generally, bean bags are easy to maintain. However, going for bean bags that come with a removable and washable cover is more advantageous. This is because you can always remove the cover, wash and fit it back. Remember, spot cleaning is good but with time, the chair will appear stained and with a bad smell if you are not careful.

However, when the chair has a removable cover, you can maintain the look and keep your chair in a plush condition for a long time. Most importantly, look for covers and liners that are hypoallergenic, flame retardant, and durable. Such liners not only prolong the life of your bean bags, but they also add beauty and enhance the safety of your children.

Bean bags are elegant, stylish and modular lounge units that you can have in your home. They range from the comic themed units to the plain coloured models that make them perfect additions to your home. Always choose the right sofa sack bean bag to create the best lounging environment while enhancing safety in your home.

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