Why Should you Have a Sleeper Sofa in your House?

Furnishing your home can be fun but it is easy to buy the wrong appliances or items of furniture and regret it later. Some things are essential and obvious such as a washing machine, fridge, and cooker. But, sometimes other additions could add to your comfort and general lifestyle.

Budgets, size of family, and space available also factor into how you would decorate and furnish a house or apartment. There is one piece of furniture however that could really add to your home, and it is one that a lot of people wouldn’t consider. 

Why is a sleeper sofa such a good investment?

Nearly all homes have a sofa and now sleeper sofas are starting to become very popular. There are smart reasons for this. Here you can read why you might want to purchase a sleeper sofa for your own home and why it might be a good investment over time. 

Use of small living space

Maybe one of the main reasons someone would want a sleeper sofa is to maximize space. These days there are so many small homes, apartments, and the like that just cannot accommodate traditional furnishings.

A bedsit or studio might benefit from having a good quality sleeper sofa that is used to relax on and then pulled out at night to become a bed. In this instance, you would be thinking of a living area that can accommodate sleeping too. 

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Guest sleeping area

If you have a one-bedroom home then having guests over can be awkward. Do you ask them to sleep on the sofa or perhaps put a blow-up mattress on the floor or even sleeping bags? This might be ok when you are 13, but as adults you will probably want to provide a bit more comfort for your friends. A sleeper sofa is not as good as a real bed maybe but will at least provide proper sleeping space for the night and certainly works for couchsurfing

Great for children’s dens or attic bedrooms

If you have a spare space such as a basement or attic then it can be fun to convert this into an area where your children can have their own space. An older child who is sharing a room might now want their own place in the house. You could turn the attic into another bedroom for the older child and by using a sleeper sofa you can let them have their own space to socialize and to sleep after their friends go home. 

Easy to put into an office

Although it is definitely not recommended that people overwork sometimes it is inevitable. Perhaps you have your own small business or studio and often stay late. Putting in a sleeper sofa means at least you can get some rest between putting in the hours running your company. 

What styles do sleeper sofas come in?

Generally, when people think of these style sofas they might mention futons. This is true to a degree but a futon is more of a sofa bed than a sleeper sofa. Futons are extended out flat and do not usually contain a mattress as such. Sleeper sofas have a mattress contained inside that comes out when the mechanism is released.

Sleeper Sofa in your House3

They also come in different sizes and styles from singles, twins, queen-sized and sectional sofas. These are great as they can fit all sizes of rooms and when they are used as sofas can fit more than two people sitting comfortably. 

What are sectional sofa sleepers?

These types of sofa beds or sleepers are often in L shapes and look more like traditional furniture you might have in a nice living room. They often have storage areas built-in plus a chaise-longue. If you have the room then a sleeper sectional sofa can fit comfortably into your decor and yet be incredibly versatile when you need that extra sleeping space. 

Are there any negatives?

The main thing you would notice is that they are heavier than a normal sofa because of the mattress and mechanisms. Also, they are more expensive but you are not just getting something to sit on. 


Although a sleeper sofa might not have been at the top of your list before you might now be considering one. From a teenager renting their first small living space and needing a convenient sleeping and lounging option to have room for guests, sleepers are one solution to consider.

When friends need to couch surf or just crash after a visit your trusty sleeper sofa is there and waiting. Think of the fun your teenager could have designing their own base in the loft too and making their private space with a cool sleeper sofa.

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