Why It Is Important To Perform Regular Gas Water Heater Services Columbus?

It is common for most of us to use a water heater in daily activities like washing up and showering. As we are using it often, it is necessary to maintain and service the water heater regularly. No matter, you are purchasing an expensive water heater or top model, there are chances for it to show certain signs or problems after functioning for a while. To avoid a sudden breakdown, you have to book for the best gas water heater services Columbus.

Most of the homes in Columbus receive hard water which means the unit requires regular maintenance and care. As hard water develops large quantities of calcium quickly within the water heater, you should ensure to approach professionals and service regularly. In the same way, annual flushing aids in preventing blockages.

So, flushing and annual maintenance will prevent calcium from forming into large rocks or get stuck within the unit. When you flush the water heater once every year, you can improve the life and also experience a balanced water temperature. It also permits detecting rusts in the heater. If you find rust formation, then you have to entirely replace your gas water heater.

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Know the benefits of the best gas water heater services Columbus!

Increased efficiency: It is very common to notice calcium formation in the water heaters. It is the main reason for the system to turn less efficient. When the loose materials develop and settle in the basement of the water heater, the unit would find it hard to yield hot water. The minerals can even develop hot spots resulting in tank failure and damage. By maintaining or flushing the water heater, the efficiency of the unit can be increased drastically.

Extends life: When you bi-annually or annually tuneup the water heater, it is possible to improve the water heater’s lifetime.

Saves you money: When you perform flushing six months once or two times in a year, you can save huge money on the utility bill. It also results in the quick production of hot water. By flushing, you can help in reducing the energy usage of the home. Moreover, draining the water heater assists to make sure that it is working properly. Remember, clean water heaters need less energy.

Maintain full volume: Mineral and sediment formation in the water heater has chances to reduce the water volume where the tank would usually hold. When you do a simple tuneup or quick maintenance service, it is possible to completely utilize the full tank and improve the water volume in the water heater.

No surprises: Performing water heater maintenance assists in avoiding surprises like cold showers or suddenly broken water heaters.

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Inexpensive tips to maintain your water heater

Set the thermostat to about 120 degrees: This way, you can save about 5% energy expenses for each 10 degrees you reduce the temperature. It also helps in reducing the chances of scalding.
Ensure to maintain at least 2 feet of clear space: The appliance should be fixed independently without anything surrounding or nearby.

Drain the tank to quarter level: Ensure to perform this few times in a year as it helps in removing debris and sediments. The cold water supply has to be turned off to perform this draining step.

Check the temperature-pressure release valve annually: To do this, you have to discharge it twice or thrice. After this testing, you need to look out for small leakages from the valve.

If you are going on for a vacation or not going to use the water heater, you have to adjust the thermostat to a vacation setting. This way, you can safeguard the unit from damage.

Are you using a water heater for more than 15 years? You have to consider replacement as the water heater performs to its full efficiency up to 10 to 12 years. If it continues to function in good status, it means you have got a good unit. But still, you have to keep tracking its efficiency and heating time. Some old heaters will take a long time to heat the water. When you purchase new models, you can get hot water in just five minutes, thus saves your energy expenses. Contact Ohio Water Heater for more details.

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