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Today, people have realized the importance of indoor air quality and try every possible way to keep their loved ones safe and healthy. To improve the quality of indoor air is not a big task as it works on a simple operation to bring more fresh air inside your house. This improves the air quality inside the house and eliminates household contaminants.

To know how bad your house has been affected, you can always contact the indoor air quality testing Jacksonville FL professionals. And this calls for none other than the Envirovac, one of the finest firms that offer the best service in Jacksonville.

Few are in the misconceptions that indoor air is not harmful and poses no danger to the inmates. To prove the facts right, indoor air is more harmful than the outdoor air which has been proved right from the studies and researches. People spend more time indoors today, simply to the fact that they do all the shopping online and also work from home. They are constantly exposed to poor indoor air which would affect the health of the inmates.

Envirovac is known for the best indoor air quality testing Jacksonville FL offers few valuable tips as to how the quality of the indoor air can be improved. Let’s take a look at the solutions below.

  • Turn the furnace blower on

This is a great tip that will help in improving the indoor air quality. The furnace will help in re-circulating the air, thereby providing good air inside the house. one thing you must note in the furnace is to have it with a filter system that comes with UV lights. It kills the mold spores and microbial bacteria up to 90%. So take note to maintain your furnace system by the professionals regularly.

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  • Bring nature indoors

This may come as a surprise but having plants inside the house cleans and purifies the indoor air. The plants take carbon dioxide and in turn provide us with fresh oxygen. While bringing nature inside, a cleaning relationship is created, which first filters the air, creates fresh oxygen, eliminates bad air, and finally beautifies your place.

Few plants that are very good in improving the air quality are

  1. Aloe plant
  2. English Ivy
  3. Snake plant
  4. Rubber tree
  5. Red-edged dracaena and
  6. Bamboo plant
  • Change air filters regularly

The air filter is an important part that improves the quality of the indoor air. The air filter circulates over 1000 cubic feet of air every passing minute. In other words, the entire volume of indoor air passes through the air filters constantly.

This makes it a prime operation and so one must take proper care and measures to keep the air filter in its right form. Make sure to clean it regularly, for if left uncleaned, the air filter will play the opposite role and will bring the uncleaned air inside along with dust, debris, and other related substances. So, take the experts’ aid and clean or replace the air filter at least once in three months.

  • Keep your windows and floors clean

New homes are built poor in ventilation. This is a real issue and must be addressed immediately. The new homes do not have enough space to circulate the air outside and this leads to re-circulation of the same air inside. This is solved by opening the windows to let the fresh air. Also, clean the floors daily by vacuuming, mopping, and using doormats to remove dust particles.

  • Keep the ventilation system clean

Ventilation is very important to keep the indoor air healthy. It needs the right balance of fresh air and filtered outdoor air. HRV – Heat Recovery Ventilators are the best option for quality and improved residential ventilation.


  • Reduce humidity

Humidity takes place in a tightly packed space due to activities like bathing, cooking, and more. This can be combatted by using a dehumidifier that will help in managing the quality of the indoor air.

  • Get your home checked by the professionals regularly

The quality of air inside the house plays a major role in the health of the inmates. No matter how hard you try to keep your living place clean, it is always recommended to get it tested from the professionals at least once a year. They will figure the problem and fix it at the earliest.

This calls for the best firm, Envirovac, who will fix all your air quality issues in the shortest time possible.

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