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Why Do I Have A Lot Of Flies In My House

Why Do I Have A Lot Of Flies In My House

Flies outnumber humans, in fact there are thousands of flies to every human being on this planet! It’s not actually that surprising that you have some in your house.
But, there’s a big difference between the odd fly and hundreds of them annoying you throughout the season. To avoid this issue it is important that you understand the different methods of fly control available to you.

What Are Flies Attracted To?

In general, flies are attracted to waste. Of course there are many different types of fly, and they are all attracted to their own specific type of waste.

For instance, the fruit fly loves the sweetness of fruit that has gone past it’s best.

The house fly simply loves anything that is starting to decay.

In general, flies do not stray more than a few hundred meters from their base. This means that before they choose a home they will ensure there is a plentiful supply of food; namely your waste products.

In fact, flies perform a valuable function. They consume dead and decaying matter, effectively cleaning up the world. They are also part of the food chain as spiders and birds will often eat flies.

But, this doesn’t help you keep them out of your home. The following measures should decrease their appearance at your home:


The first thing to remember is that flies are attracted to waste. Any products that are no good o you need to be placed in a bin with a sealed lid. This should be emptied regularly and the contents either put into a big bin as far away from your house as possible or taken to the local disposal facilities.

Do not leave rubbish bags on your doorstep, this will attract the flies!


You also need to note that flies are attracted to minuscule amounts of food, which to them may be a giant meal. For this reason, it is important to wipe your kitchen surfaces regularly.

Ideally, you should use a bacterial disinfectant spray to ensure all traces of waste are gone. This will ensure there is nothing to attract the flies.

Electric Control

It is also a good idea to invest in an electronic flycatcher. These are the small machines you mount on the wall and glow blue. The flies are attracted to them and die on contact.

Perhaps the best part of this is that it can stop them leaving their pheromones to attract other flies and should prevent them creating their home in your home!

Fly Traps

You can also make your own fly traps using some jam in the bottom of a plastic bottle, or even some decaying food. Cut the top half of the bottle off and insert it into the bottom. This will allow the flies to enter but they will not be able to leave.

There are other homemade traps you can create. But, if you adopt a strategic approach to cleaning and make sure your rubbish is bagged up and disposed of properly it is unlikely that the flies will be attracted in the first place.

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