Why a Statement Rug is the Best Investment

Reduce Echos

Having echo issues in your new apartment? A great way to quiet down a noisy room is adding an area rug. This not only quiets down the echoing happening inside your walls but helps respect neighbors spaces as well if you live in a multifamily building. This is also where small apartment dwellers have a leg up, less square footage to cover means less expensive rugs. Experiment with layering up your textiles, mixing textures creates a cozier feel and your neighbors below will thank you.

Comfortability + Insulation

Simple pleasures in life are taken for granted like taking off your shoes after a long day of work and stepping onto a cozy rug. A rug is the gift that keeps on giving to your feet, especially in the winter months when hard flooring like wood and tile gets cold to the touch. The climate you live in might determine the carpet material you choose. Thick cozy wools provide extra warmth if you live somewhere like Chicago where winters get frigidly cold, but a velvety thin chenille might be perfect for a west coast inhabitant. These sensory additions make your space truly feel like home.
Comfortability + Insulation

Built to Last

A carpet constructed of cheap fibers is going to wear out under spaces that get a lot of traction like a living room or kids room. In the long run, you’re going to have to replace it sooner and that will end up costing you more than splurging on that nicer rug you wanted in the first place. From the right retailer, a rug can be a worthwhile investment, see the end of this post for factors that determine a rug’s quality.

One more affordable and highly durable option for a large statement rug is a sisal carpet which is made to withstand constant foot traffic. Sisal carpeting comes in neutral colors that blend into a room or bold striped patterns that will stand out. They’re are also excellent for sensitive people who deal with allergies or asthma because they’re non-toxic so no need to worry about bad air quality in your home.
Built to Last
The carpet featured in the apartment above is an excellent example of a large rug defining an area in an open concept loft at The Otis in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, IL.

Focal Point

A statement rug will draw attention and elevate the most simple decor. Having one striking focal is an excellent way to upgrade the look and feel of any room. When you invest in a singular design element that anchors a space it’s often easy to get other inexpensive things to compliment. One stunning graphic rug takes the spotlight over simpler accent accessories. We love how this bold rug pairs with the neutral grays and industrial features in this apartment at The Lawrence House in Chicago, IL.
Focal Point

Tips From the Pros

Assess the room before clicking “Buy”

This is especially important for online impulse shoppers who get easily trigger happy when they see something they love. While you might fall in love with the aesthetic of your textured treasure, be realistic about the space it’s about to occupy.

Be especially mindful of dimensions and don’t forget to set some mock markers on the floor of the desired room to ensure that your dream rug is going to be the right size. Nothing is more jarring to a space than a rug that’s obviously too large or too small. If the price seems too good to be true for a large area rug, double check those dimensions. There are lots of great online resources that visually lay out what size rug works for different spaces and furniture layouts.

What Determines A High Quality Rug

How it’s made – Something handmade will usually be more valuable than a rug that’s mass produced in a factory.

Dye – Natural dyes are preferred over synthetic alternatives.

Materials – Fibers like high quality wool or silk are often seen as more precious than synthetics.

Condition of the knots – A fine rug with a higher count of knots per square inch will fetch a higher price tag.

Uniqueness – A rare motif or design makes a rug more unique and in turn more valuable on the resale market.

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