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Which Mattress is Good for Health – Cotton or Foam Memory?

Mattresses are one of the most important aspects of any home. They render a sound sleep at the best place with due comfort. Few health issues too can be resisted, tackled and fought against with the right kind of bed. Everyone needs a bed that would suit their body type, help them with their health, and has the right constituents of the mattresses. The major constituents can be cotton, foam, coir, etc. However, there is always a dilemma with regards to which mattresses are the best – Cotton or foam memory or anything else. No need to worry anymore as here is the solution to everyone’s queries.

Which mattress is good for health – Cotton or foam memory?

There are ample advantages and a few disadvantages with both cotton and foam memory. Clearly analyzing both the positives and negatives is highly important to find the right one to cater to the matters of your health. Here are the major advantages, disadvantages of both cotton and foam memory mattresses.

Various Advantages of Cotton mattresses –

Cotton mattresses are an extraordinary choice if comfort is the first and foremost point one considers. Since cotton mattresses are derivatives of natural products, they offer an extremely comfortable sleep to all users in all weather conditions.
Various Advantages of Cotton mattresses

Disadvantages of Cotton mattresses –

But the disadvantages are that cotton mattresses attract bugs and are unhygienic. Also, they were preferred for comfort but after a certain time, they lose their comfort level very fast. Moreover, the texture and the composition of the mattress become so hard and thin that the mattresses can’t stand vertically.

Advantages of Foam memory mattress –

The Memory foam mattress is highly sought for all the necessary factors like comfort, durability and with regards to health too. Foam mattresses are highly porous and elastic too which is its greatest advantage. This porous and elastic nature helps in shrinkage of the foam memory mattresses according to the body pressure of the user. This offers comfort and support too.

Meanwhile, elastic nature retains the actual shape of the mattress. Above all, firmness can be chosen by the user in three different forms – high, medium and low. Medium firmness possessing foam memory mattresses are recommended for individuals of all age groups, and for all health matters. Due to this, all sleeping postures would be highly favoured.

Memory foam combination mattresses are literally boon as they take the shape of the natural curve of the body and offer relaxation to the spine and the muscles. They can last about for a decade and their benefits stay the same throughout their lifetime, constantly being a factor in promoting good health and being a remedy for issues like back pain and neck pain.

Disadvantages of Foam Memory mattresses –

Disadvantages of Foam Memory mattresses
There are no profound or even small drawbacks in case of foam memory mattresses.

Some Final words:

Like head and tail are two sides of the same coin, cotton mattresses have their own advantages and disadvantages. But on the whole, they seem not so profitable with matters of health. But foam mattresses are so rewarding and can be highly supportive of health.

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