Guide On Designing A CCTV Camera System In A Hotel Restaurant


CCTV Camera System

Designing a CCTV camera system requires focus and the ability to speak “weak points” in the current setup.

For hotel restaurant owners, it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t when managing a new CCTV camera system installation. This detailed guide will provide a list of places where a set of cameras should be installed in a hotel restaurant.

Entrances and Exits

This is a mandatory requirement for any modern CCTV camera system  and can’t be ignored. There should be several cameras set up from various angles near the entrance or exit points.
Entrances and Exits

It’s smart to have a camera inside the premises and outside the door making sure multiple viewing angles are on offer. This is often cited as a critical point in any security set up and has to be picture-perfect.

Reception Area

The average guest is going to arrive at the location and head straight to the reception area. This is why it’s best to have a clear shot of the reception area from different angles.

In many cases, the reception area is also going to expose cash or relevant documents that cannot get into the wrong hands. It’s important to make sure the CCTV camera system covers this part of the hotel restaurant at all times.

Parking Lot/Garage

A lot of hotel restaurant owners don’t realise the number of issues that arise outside the location. Yes, it is important to cover everything that’s going on indoors but what about the parking lot and/or parking garage?

There should be multiple cameras set up near the entrance of the parking lot/garage along with one that covers everything that’s taking place from a wider angle.

Store Rooms

Where are all of the important items being stored inside the hotel restaurant?

Most well-organised locations will have a dedicated storeroom to keep these items out of the way without compromising their integrity. This also means those areas have to be protected at all costs.

To do this, it is best to ensure the CCTV camera system keeps an eye on the storeroom(s) at all times. This will also provide peace of mind for those who want to make sure their essential assets are not being exposed to the wrong hands.

Back of the Restaurant

The average location is going to have exposure through the back entrance. This is often used to bring items into the restaurant and/or allow employees to exit without interrupting guests.

However, it’s also a weak point when it comes to the location’s security.

Make sure to have a camera set up in this part of the hotel restaurant to protect all of your assets.


Many hotel restaurants have pre-determined corridors that help guests move from one part of the location to another. This is normal and it is something to prep for as a business owner in terms of security protocol. In many situations, this also becomes one of the least protected areas because it is deemed to be a transition point from one important area to another.

However, the corridor itself needs to be protected as it will help provide a clearer shot of who is coming in and who is going out.
Always take the opportunity to set up a CCTV camera system here.

Final Thoughts

Take the time to go through this system and make sure it’s managed the right way.

When installed correctly, a CCTV camera system can help monitor everything that’s taking place in the location. It’s important to strategise and make sure an effective solution is put together moving forward.

Start with the areas mentioned here and ensure the hotel restaurant is completely protected.

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