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Which Hardwood Floor Should You Choose

When you make the decision to install hardwood flooring there are many choices, light shades such as beech and pine and darker shades like cherry and walnut. You need to choose a wood, whose grain and hue will complement your existing furniture and color schemes. People often use lighter shades for darker, small rooms as they make the rooms look more spacious. For more formal rooms and larger areas, dark wood is often preferred, as it gives a strong elegant aesthetic. However, which wood you choose and where you put it only depends upon your preferences. Another decision to be made is what hardwood floor finishing you would prefer, such as varnish, wax, or different stains.


Wood is an extremely strong and durable material if it is maintained properly. Hardwoods such as ash, birch, and maple, can be left without a finish, which gives a very simple natural appearance. If you want to be able to stain the wood to different hues then oak is the popular choice. Pine is the wood of choice if you want a rustic and more traditional look.

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Choosing the Width of the Plank

In medium and large-sized rooms, wooden planks have a width of more than 5 inches. look great. The width is the right size to be able to show the natural patterns within the wood and its grain.

Choosing A Finish 

The final finishing step of your hardwood floor installation is finishing the surface of the planks with a finisher. This can really affect the appearance of the hardwood flooring. Choosing the right finish will accentuate the natural grain and hue of the wood. It will also affect the style. High gloss floors look stylish and elegant, whereas a less glossy finish makes the wood look more traditional and rustic.

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