Which Flowers To Choose For The Right Occasions

With so many different styles of flowers and bouquets available to buy, it can be difficult to choose the right style for the right occasion.

Below we will take a look through some of the most common occasions that you may choose to purchase flowers for and the best suited ones for you to choose.


Pretty much everybody would love to receive flowers on their birthday, it’s the perfect gift to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ on this day, but which flowers should you choose?

Unlike other events and occasions, there isn’t really a wrong answer to this question, it comes down more to the taste of the person you are buying them for. You can also buy flowers online in Adelaide as there is a huge range of freshly-made flowers.

If this person is a fan or roses, then a lovely bunch of red roses would be suitable. Try and pick a bunch of flowers that stand out from the rest though, as the person may receive more than just one bunch of flowers for their birthday, so you will want yours not to be dull and boring.

Another good idea is to try and personalise the flowers with a card and happy birthday message.


Some of the most popular flowers for weddings include Roses, Tulips and Hydrangeas. If you are on a budget, as everyone knows weddings can be extremely expensive, then the cheapest option would normally be Carnations.

A combination of red and white roses symbolises unity, love and good fortune which makes them a popular choice with weddings.

If you are looking for a flower delivery service to provide your flowers for the big day, always research online what companies are local to you and have the best reputation. Read up reviews beforehand to make sure your big day won’t be spoiled by late or poor quality flowers.

If you have the luxury of having a personalised wedding planner they should be able to help organise and pick the best flowers for you, so have a chat with them first giving as much information on what you do and don’t like.


The first flower of choice that springs to mind with most people for funerals are Lillies. The white lily symbolizes sympathy so is the ideal choice of flower for sad occasions such as funerals.

Sometimes it can be better and more personal to choose the favourite flower of the deceased if you knew them personally.
A good florist will be able to help you decide on your best options and choices for a funeral.


Big Bouquets of flowers are an ideal present for an engagement party, choosing flowers such as carnations and daffodils. The most popular colour scheme to choose would be blue and pink, but if the couple have a favourite colour try and incorporate that to the scheme

Engagement gifts although are not always required is a lovely thing to give to the newly engaged couple and nothing quite says congratulations like a big bouquet of flowers.


Receiving or giving flowers to somebody for christmas although not too common can make a lovely winter gift. Red is the colour of the day, to symbolise father christmas so choosing a flower like poinsettias can be a fabulous choice.

You could jazz up the flowers with some christmas themed decorations, to make it even more seasonal.

Many florists will offer various christmas themed bouquets on the run up to christmas, but be sure to not leave your order to the last minute.

Start looking and thinking about your flower choice as early as when december hits, as christmas can be a very busy time for a lot of florists.

Flowers To Say Sorry

Flowers are the go to present most men will choose should they need to say sorry to their partner or loved ones.
Flowers To Say Sorry
Roses and tulips tend to be the most popular choice to say sorry to somebody with, but as always be more personal by picking their favourite style of flowers.

When choosing a bunch of flowers to give it importance they do not come across as cheap. This doesn’t mean you need to spend fortunes on them but you should just pick up the cheapest and first option you find, say like in a petrol station.

Remember you are giving these flowers to say sorry for something, so you want them to represent how sorry you actually are. Choose them thoughtfully and make them as personal to the person as possible for best results.

Valentines Day

Roses are by far the most popular choice for flowers on valentines day. Whether it’s a single red rose or a dozen you really can’t go wrong with red roses as your choice.

Red roses can symbolise both love and passion which is exactly what valentine’s day is all about. Just don’t forget to add a card with your name on along with some lovely valentine messages for girlfriend.


A bunch of flowers and chocolate is the most common and typical anniversary present. Although this can make a great gift, always try to spice it up, for example instead of buying the flowers and giving them to your loved one yourself, have them specially sent, maybe to their workplace to really show how much you love and care for them.
Public signs of infection can really truly show that person how much you mean to them. If the person you are sending the flowers to are traditional, make sure to look up the language of flowers as some flowers and colours can mean different things to some people.


Giving flowers to a family member or loved one is a truly wonderful gift to give someone. With so many options, bouquets take the time to research and find something magical.

Before deciding what company or website to use, check out reviews with something like a trust pilot to make sure you’re not going to be disappointed with your purchase.

Everybody loves receiving flowers so giving them as a present can work for most types of occasions.

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