How To Incorporate Plumbing Pipes In Your Interior Design

When you’re furnishing a new house or apartment, or living in either an older house or apartment, you often encounter exposed radiators or plumbing pipes. Instead of demolishing and reconstructing your walls to cover these exposed pipes, it’s easier and less expensive to integrate them into your interior design.

However, before you invest in improving the look of your living space, make sure that the pipes are in excellent working condition. Take care of any plumbing concerns by seeking expert assistance from plumbing New Westminster services. These plumbing specialists provide a vast range of residential and commercial plumbing work to ensure that your interior designing efforts are not in vain.

Check out the strategies below on how to incorporate plumbing pipes into your interior design:

Paint Exposed Plumbing Pipes

If you decide to integrate plumbing pipes or a furnace into your living environment, consider painting them first, preferably in a similar color as your walls. This strategy will aid in concealing the pipes and ductwork and helping them blend in with the rest of the room. Painting will help disguise them in plain sight, and is the easiest option available to you.
Paint Exposed Plumbing Pipes

Do you want your room to have a modern, industrial look? Then paint your pipes in metallic colors. Alternatively, you can opt for shades that match with the other décor in your room like the crown molding or the stair railing. Ultimately, you can make the pipes the center of interest by using bright paint colors. Regardless of the paint color you go for, it’s an affordable strategy of appreciating and blending them to your interior design.

Turn the Pipes into a Room Accessory

Another stunning way to incorporate plumbing pipes into your room’s interior design is to use them as a functional piece. With perfect planning and architectural skills, you can modify the pipes to suit your needs when you’re designing the room. However, this tip will require you to use top-quality and strong plumbing pipes that can easily withstand extra weight.

Here are some ways to turn your pipes into a multi-purpose room accessory:

  • Use them as loft, mezzanine, or staircase railing.
  • Turn them into additional support for bookshelves.
  • Use them as towel and clothing racks.
  • Hang indoor potted plants on them.
  • Transform them into scratching spots for cats or cat trees.
  • Loop or hang flimsy pendant lights on overhead pipes.

The objective is to combine functionality with creativity. Your guests are definitely in for a surprise when they visit your home. Just make sure that you’re not using steam or hot water pipes that could burn an unaware person when touched. Additionally, avoid using pipes that are connected to safety systems like fire sprinklers.

Put a Skirt Around Sinks

In case you have a kitchen or bathroom sink without a cabinet under it, then you probably have exposed pipes. If you’re good at DIY and you have the correct tools, you can build a cabinet to hide them. Doing so will also create more storage space. But if you still feel the need to hide the pipes completely, you can opt for a sink-skirt. You can use the skirt to hide other items such as cleaning products.

Turn this into a DIY project by buying a matching fabric from the store and sewing a stylish sink-skirt. Be careful during your selection and opt for a material that will match the décor and design of the room. You can also try installing an industrial strength Velcro or a curtain rod around the sink to hold the skirt.
Put a Skirt Around Sinks

Cover the Plumbing Pipes

One of the most interesting ways to create chic plumbing pipes is to take advantage of the room’s theme. This solution is cost-effective because you can use items you already have to complement the look you’re going for. For instance, you can wrap up your plumbing pipes with ropes to achieve a nautical look. They’re not just great for decorative purposes—the ropes can also serve as an insulator!

Here are some other pieces you can use to cover your plumbing pipes:

  • For your child’s room, wrap pipes with candy-designed cloth.
  • Use branches and leaves on vertical pipes to mimic the look of trees and bring the outdoors inside your home.
  • Use different colored and patterned tapes to create an intriguing art piece.
  • Knit a yarn cover that slides over the pipes.


Modern-day interior design allows you to be more creative, and use unusual or unexpected items as home décor pieces. The tips above provide you with inspiration if you want to use plumbing pipes in more attractive or functional ways.

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