Which Cleaning Products Should You Use Post-Pandemic and Why?

We have learned a lot of information about how the coronavirus spreads over the past year. While surfaces are not nearly as frightening as they were at one time, some of the cleaning habits picked up in 2020 are not necessarily a bad thing.

According to Consumer Reports Dan Wroclawski, you do not have to go insane because of the virus. Who could forget those news headlines: “Coronavirus may live on surfaces for up to 17 days!” With very little knowledge of how COVID-19 spread, cleaning supplies jumped off of the shelves in March of 2020.

According to the latest news, scrubbing every single inch of your house is absolutely overkill; however, it isn’t a bad idea to clean specific surfaces of your house frequently, particularly if you are expecting guests. Wroclawski says that surfaces such as refrigerator handles, doorknobs, light switches – any type of high touch surface like those are always great to clean on a regular basis.

More frequent phone sanitizing and hand washing are some more virus cleaning habits we ought to keep, in conjunction with a sharper concentration on air quality. One often overlooked area is filters, according to the latest news.

Pandemic aside, cleaning the heating and AC filters always are a great idea, in conjunction with your refrigerator filter, dishwasher filter, and vacuum filter. It also will help the household appliance last longer and run better, according to the latest news.

Forging Ahead in a Post-Pandemic World

This crisis had consumers rethinking their highest priorities, with more focus on health. In the long term, once the economy is nearly recovered, folks will reassess what’s important. The pandemic has changed the attitudes of consumers, creating an increasing amount of awareness and changed beliefs regarding environmental and personal hygiene, already raising the demand for antibacterial cleaning and sanitizer products. Some of those new behaviors that were forced by the pandemic are going to linger as new habits after the virus recedes. Health is going to weigh heavily on consumers when the time comes to purchase, which leads a lot of people to scrutinize product ingredients and formulations and how they benefit and impact health, both mentally and physically.

Shoppers’ increasing awareness surrounding wellness and health, advanced technology and more sustainable lifestyles is greatly contributing to a rise in blurring lines between generational cleaning attitudes. As the discussions surrounding age changes significantly, services, brands, and products have to evolve and keep up with consumer desires and attitudes. In creating campaigns that are more inclusive, brands may target a broader consumer base without having to tie themselves to a certain demographic, according to the latest news.

Also important is more transparency in home care ingredients. Environmental information on over 200 chemicals in the United States consumer cleaning agent supply chain now are available, in pilot stage, thanks to the database of the Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative by the American Cleaning Institute.

The environmental information that is available in American Cleaning Institute’s safety initiative makes general public screening level risk evaluation summaries for both environmental health and human health that may be utilized to meet regulatory requirements. The growth represents a continuous dedication to transparency for the supply chain of cleaning products.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, the database was made to characterize ingredients contained in cleaning products utilizing a risk-based approach within an aquatic environment. The outcome may be utilized to determine if environmental risks are believed to be negligible or if extra information is needed to make a more realistic evaluation. It’ll be most helpful to researchers, regulators, and cleaning product industry suppliers and formulators searching for in-depth data on ingredients utilized in household cleaning products.

From our home offices and homes to the frontlines of healthcare, disinfecting, cleaning, and hygiene products have been an ally in the battle against the virus, according to the latest news. The pandemic has had a horrific effect on individuals, businesses, and communities across the United States. ACI thinks we have to learn from that and not just return to business as normal yet use this time to move nearer to a sustainable future.

The Latest News Offers These New Household Cleaner Ingredients

According to the latest news, here are some new ingredients introduced by suppliers within the last year:

Klucel H CS HPC


The concept behind this ingredient includes creating hydroalcoholic hand sanitizers that have a cellulose-based, sustainably sourced thickener. This ingredient keeps moisture on the skin, is stable on moist hands because of electrolyte tolerance and offers a silky sensory experience. It is appropriate for vegan products. According to the latest news, it also is appropriate for water-based and spray-based foam formats. Look for hand sanitizer products that contain the ingredient Klucel H CS HPC.

Polyquart S

This ingredient is a biodegradable and bio-based performance boosting polymer. In an automatic dishwasher this ingredient offers an improvement in shine, especially while used along with acrylic polymers. Polyquart S allows premium filming and spotting performance. Look for automatic dish wash products that contain the ingredient Polyquart S.

Endinol SLS-LC

This ingredient is a low cloud point variant of sodium lauryl sulfate which sets the standard for high flash foam detergency and volume. According to the latest news, the ingredient is the ideal surfactant for developing clear cleaning products that have the extra benefit of having improved storage stability than the sodium lauryl sulfate used in the past. Look for hard surface cleaner and carpet cleaner products that contain the ingredient Endinol SLS-LC.

Aspire BRC Concentrated Surfactant Blend

This is an optimized surfactant blend created for outstanding removal of soap scum inside acidic bathroom cleaners. Easy and versatile to formulate with, the blend efficiently extracts soap scum with commonly utilized acids. Look for acidic bathroom cleaner products that contain Aspire BRC Concentrated Surfactant Blend.

Algidet Cold-Water Soluble Surfactants


This ingredient offers no gel ranges, exceptional cold-water solubility, controlled foam, quick wetting, and an improvement in product handling. Algidet cold-water soluble surfactants offer a broad HLB range between cleaning products, which permits more formulating flexibility. According to the latest news, this ingredient shows controlled thickening with anionic systems, which makes it perfectly suitable for “super” concentrates. Look for laundry pods, laundry concentrates, degreaser car care products, hard surface cleaners, and degreaser products that contain Algidet Cold-Water Soluble Surfactants.

All in all, post-pandemic, it is about efficacy, safety, and home hygiene. According to experts, shoppers are cleaning more often, causing a positive effect in the way they see their surroundings and home.

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