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10 Best Student Accommodation Websites To Find Best Apartment

Looking for apartments whether you want to live there alone or with friends never was an easy task. So many factors need to be taken into consideration and oftentimes it is anyway a compromise between comfort and price. Fortunately, modern technologies make the process easier as you have other users’ reviews, filters, and multiple ways to check the option you like for safety.

Where to Start?

It is the first question that a student would ask, probably in a slightly confused manner given the number of options. An optimal choice would be choosing several leading accommodation searching websites in your area and consider the options you like among presented. In the majority of cases, you will find a suitable room quite soon.


  1. Rent.com. Multiple filters, multiple locations, even a Moving Center feature that will help you to hire experienced movers.
  2. Craiglist.org. Worldwide service that covers a lot of regions. There are so many filters and selection choices that you might want to buy term papers at GrabMyEssay and spend some more time looking for the most suitable apartments just for you rather than working on another paper.
  3. Uniplaces.com. Students usually look for long-term rental options close to the campus but having the option to find short and mid-term rentals all in one place while traveling abroad is very useful and extremely convenient.
  4. Nestpick.com. This platform is considered to be one of the largest ones offering apartments for rent. Many cities and providers are present in one place, so you can find the one suitable solution among 3 million offers for sure.
  5. Apartments.com. All variants of rent from cheap solutions in many US cities to expensive houses can be found on this website. Being a student means many possibilities to find friends who would like to share more expensive and better accommodations with you.
  6. Social networks. You may start with Facebook and check relevant groups where people look for rental options or somebody to split the price with. Students from other cities may find very beneficial options but this method requires some time, research, and is also associated with higher risks. At the same time, you may find some more useful things in addition to rental options such as recipes for tasty dishes or cool lifehacks. Students need as much useful information in their independent lives as possible.
  7. RentCafe is a nationwide apartment listing service ready to help you find an apartment or house for rent in the safest and easiest way possible. All rental listings published on RentCafe.com are verified, as they come directly from property managers, with property information such as pricing and availability updated daily.


7. Zumper.com. Being almost a decade on the market, this website has comfortable filters and search options. It is comfortable for managing multiple rents so that prospective renters could find more convenient options with easy cooperation as the benefit.

8. Renthop.com. Students are usually interested in housing options within metro areas so that they could have easy access to their institutional affiliation and oftentimes place of work. Urban dwellers will be satisfied by the number of options and sensitive filter tools.

9. Roomi. This is a great decision for students who want both easy and secure ways to find not expensive places to live and potential roommates. Users complete a background check so using a service to find a shared housing solution is completely safe.

10. Walkscore.com. A convenient and very informative solution that shows you not only a lot of housing options but also whether they are “walkable”, which means easy access to essential places, shops, parks, hospitals, and so on.

Concluding Thoughts

Online tools will help students wanting some freedom to find not only affordable but also verified and safe apartments so that the studying process will be less stressful. They can even come to a conclusion using regarding paper writing services with the help of paper writer reviews. All they need is just some time to review available options and some planning to rent the most suitable apartments.

Author’s Bio

Merissa Moore had some experience working for a real estate agency. Her duties included writing texts describing apartments both for sale and rent. Merissa wants to write a short comprehensive guide, especially useful for freshmen, on how to find a nice room and avoid any potential issues.

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