How To Survive In A College Dorm


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Living in a dorm is a completely different world compared to a snug life at home. A transition such as this one will demand some getting used to. So, the better you prepare, the easier it will be. Even though there is no reason to be intimidated by a dorm life, uncovering the mysteries of college dorms can be helpful. With that in mind, the following tips will share the ins and outs of making the most of this new environment.

Be Clear About Your Rules

Sharing a living space with an unknown person can come with some disagreements. That is, if you don’t set clear rules from the very start. Be open about what you are willing to share and what is off-limits. There is no reason to argue. Simply politely explain that those are your rules and that you’ll accept their terms as well.


Personalize Your Dorm Room

The bland walls of the dorm room can make you feel even farther away from home. But not for long. For starters, you want to decorate your room to suit your style and personality. Making that corner yours by adding some life to it will help you feel more at home in this new place. So, bring pictures of your family, your favorite blanket, or your lucky pillow, and turn that boring room into your sanctuary. You can bring a piece of your home with you in the form of your favorite items.

Be Open to Meeting People

College life is the perfect environment for meeting amazing people that can turn into lifelong friends. To make such special friendships, you first need to give people a chance. Even if you aren’t an extrovert, you can join clubs and organizations to connect with your kind of people. Having someone to spend time with will make your days more fun and your academic requirements easier to accomplish. You can get insight into best studying tips, like using review websites as Lets Grade It to find the best learning tools, or they can share with you some cool spots in the city. Simply put, friends make college life better.


Store Your Valuable Things

College dorms can seem like an open space concept, as students tend to go through rooms like there are no doors. Since you aren’t the only host in your room, your roommate can bring people over. You never know who will find their way to your room, so you want to keep your valuables out of sight. Put them somewhere safe where no one can take them, either accidentally or on purpose. You know how they say, better safe than sorry.

Take Care of Your Health

Sleepless nights, bad eating habits, drinking, stressing over exams – all of this can tag along with dorm life and deteriorate your health. Bear in mind that your health should always come first. There is no exam, no missing toothbrush, no breakup, or party that is worthy of losing your physical or mental health. If you can’t make it to finish an essay, find original essays for sale, and you’ll be done. If you are having trouble with your roommate, deal with them directly. Whatever you are struggling with, there is a solution.

Recognize When You Need a Break

The dorm life can be overwhelming from time to time. When you can’t seem to focus, relax, or enjoy your solitude, it’s time to take a break. Leave the dorm and all the chaos behind and find a quiet place to unwind. You can read a book in the park or drink a cup of coffee in a local café. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be alone for a moment. Enjoying your own company can be just what you need to get back on track.


Wrapping Up

College life can be one of the best times in your life. The people you meet in the corridors of the dorm can become your best friends. So, remember that there is nothing scary about a college dorm. Just have a positive mindset and stick to these surviving rules for a more enjoyable experience.

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