Where to Donate Used Furniture to Charity

For starters, if you are thinking about donating your used furniture to charity, then it’s a great step that you are about to take. Because technically, it’s better to give off that used stuff of yours to someone who needs it rather than dumping it. If you look around your house, you’ll probably see that there’s a lot of used furniture that you need to get rid off.

From the hand-me-down-decor to the wooden chairs and tables with dark black spots on them, you don’t need all of that. And if you do have that unnecessary stuff in the house, then it’s high time to get rid of it and make some space for new furniture and new decorations.

Now, if you are here right now, the chances are that you are thinking about furniture donations, but you just don’t know where to donate as a charity. Well, if that’s the case, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered today. You see, there are a lot of non-profit organizations out there that accept all kinds of stuff as a charity.

You can try these NGOs around you and other than that, here are some companies that will accept your furniture donation and give it to the deserving people;

1- DonationTown


If you aren’t sure which charity will accept your donation, then all you need to do is to try DonationTown. What happens is that you enter your zip code on their website, and this company will bring out a list of donation companies in front of you. This list will be specifically of those companies and organizations that are around your place so it will be easier for you to contact them and donate your furniture. From small chairs to computer tables to small bookshelves, you can donate anything that you want to.

2- Goodwill

Finding a Goodwill location near you won’t be much of a problem because this international chain has more than 32000 stores nationwide. Not only furniture donations, in fact, if you know some underprivileged people and if they are looking for employment training or job placements then yes, you should recommend Goodwill to them. This organization accepts all the items, whether household furniture or clothes etc. A lot of Goodwill donation locations provide pick up service too so if you want some company to come at your doorstep and pick up the furniture from your house then yes, you should give Goodwill a try.

3- Pickup Please

Pickup Please
Want to donate your furniture specifically for the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)? If yes then Pickup Please is what you need to refer to. This organization is quite famous for being one of the best charity organizations. They don’t only give your goods to people who deserve them, in fact, this company also uses your donations to generate funds for national VVA programs and for the local state too. In a nutshell, they both use your furniture and clothes etc, and they even sell it for funds for VVA. Within 24 hours of your order, a Pickup Please employee will come and pick your donations from your doorstep.


These are some of the major places where you can donate your used furniture to charity. There are a lot more such companies and organizations. You just need to use Google to find the ones that are near you. Now, without wasting any more time, just search for the above mentioned companies, take out the stuff that you don’t need in your house and give it to charity. Believe it or not, this little step of you can make a big difference in someone’s life.

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