7 Things to Keep in Mind When Going to Lighting Shops

Gone are the days when humankind used to depend on the sun and moon for light, today we have electric light to illuminate our world. Light has become important in our world.

There number of different types of lights depending on the place and purpose of the light. Occasionally we all wind up in lighting shops when our light sources are not functioning, or we need a new one, the question is how to choose the light source best suited to your needs.

Well put your worries aside, listed below are the top 7 things that you need to look out for when going to lighting shops.

1. Purpose of Light

Several factors come into depending on the place where the light source is to be placed. For instance, if you’re placing a light in your garage, then it’s better to use high intensity led garage lights since they provide more illumination.
Purpose of Light

Similarly, if the light is to be placed in a place where the folks in your home read and study, then we would need a light source that wouldn’t harm our eyes.

In short, varying on the purpose of light the quality and intensity of the light source may also change, hence emphasizing on the fact that you need a clear reason as to why you need it.

2. Place of Placement

The next thing you need to understand is that where you want to place the source of light. You see, depending on the placement of the light, different shadows may form, and different areas will be more illuminated than others.

A wise move would be to make sure that the place where you need a light must have the proper lighting to illuminate all the necessary areas of the room.

For instance, when buying outdoor lights for your lawn or garden, it is effective to consider the place since you want to make sure that all parts of your outdoor area well-lit since this also accounts for security.

3. Using LEDs

Light-emitting diodes or also commonly known as LEDs are a much better source of light than electric bulbs. They consume less energy, are cost-effective, and also can provide more illumination.
Using LEDs
Another problem bulb has that, it gets extremely hot, and rarely it might also burst due to intense temperature, such problem, however, is not observed in LEDs.

Moreover, modern LEDs also have different light features as to brightness control and color variation that make them a much better source of light.

4. Acquiring Dimmable Lights

One of the most important factors you should keep in mind that may save you money and satisfaction is to acquire dimmable lights. Not all but some lights have this feature.

Dimmable lights are a much better option because we can change the intensity of light varying on our moods.

For instance, if you’re having a classy dinner with your spouse or a loved one you would want to dim your lights to lighten the atmosphere which is only possible if you are efficient and have dimmable lights.

5. Consider the Color

There are basically two points that need to be taken into account while considering the color factor. First being that the color of the room in which light source is to be placed should be kept in mind so that we can choose the best light colors accordingly.
Consider the Color
The second point is that it is better to acquire a light that has an adjustable light color. They have a Kelvin scale attached.

Increasing the temperature makes the light more yellow and warm whereas in the other case it makes it blue and cold, although the normal white is also a good option to lighten your room.

6. Wired or Wireless?

While different companies seeming to be smart might say that wireless led being more effective are much better, but that is not always the case.

Both are equally beneficial and have different pros and cons that you need to consider.

One of the important ones being that despite the fact you can easily control your wireless lights by a remote or even a mobile phone and don’t have to get up, however, the case with wireless LEDs is that they are run by a battery and need to be recharged after some time unless attached to a direct circuit providing constant flow of electricity.

7. Wash and Beam Effects

Wash and Beam Effects
New lights have several new features and effects for example through a scale the focus of the light can be changed from wash effect which is the normal form in which the light equally spreads into all directions to a beam effect in which it is focused on one point.

Hence, this is another important thing to keep in mind when going to buy a light. Moreover, another mentionable feature that might come in handy is to look for a light source that more flexible with light direction.

In this way, you can also change the focus as well as the direction of the light source.

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