When to Hire a Plumbing Company and When to DIY

Plumbing problems in a household or an office space is common. When one happens, however, it can cause so much discomfort. From losing water supply to having your kitchen or bathroom flooded, you’re going to need to solve these problems right away.

Luckily enough, there are instances when the problem is so simple that professional help won’t be necessary. But, there are also times that call for the help of experts.

Professional plumbers such as those from Colepepper, San Diego CA have had their fair share of frantic homeowners who are calling to fix a plumbing emergency. A good number of these emergencies would have otherwise been easier and far cheaper to resolve, had the homeowners chose not to try to fix the issue on their own. Of course, there are common plumbing problems that require a simple fix. However, there are plumbing jobs where there is a high risk of you doing more damage than good.

How do you determine when it’s time to call for professional help and when a DIY is sufficient? Here is a look at when you should hire a plumbing company and when can you try to fix the plumbing problem on your own.

When to DIY

First, here are some of the common plumbing problems that you can try to solve by yourself first:

When to DIY

1. Clogged drains: One of the most common plumbing problems, there seems to be a very small chance of you making things worse as long as you only use the right tools for it. Examples of the safer tools to use for this problem are plungers and plumbing snakes.

For clogged drains, you may even be able to find a draining solution from your local hardware or grocery. But, be very careful when using this. Make sure that you’re using it the right way. Also, don’t try to pour strong solutions down the drain, such as lye. Be sure to always check the label. If you’re unsure, ask the hardware sales representative.

2. Clogged toilet bowls. The right tool for this job would be a force plunger. Generally, this can help drain and unclog your toilet bowl. Plus, it’s also a cheap and common solution that you can find in almost every supermarket.

If this doesn’t work, you may also try a few tricks, such as pouring dishwashing liquid or hot water and baking soda solution into the bowl before flushing. However, if the problem persists, call a plumber.

3. Toilet bowl that continuously runs water: This problem can usually be traced to the toilet bowl flap or the water lever adjustment screw. Making the proper adjustment with both of these parts will solve the problem most of the time.

4. Leaky faucet: While this may require some plumbing skills and basic plumbing tools, you can still try your hand in fixing this issue with litter risk of doing more damage. Just remember to turn off the water supply to the problematic faucet before you start working on it.

When to Hire a Pro

When to Hire a Pro

1. Low water pressure. When you notice that the water pressure seems to be lacking in some parts of the house, you can first try to examine and adjust the main valve and isolating valves around the house. Then, do ask around your neighbors if they also have low water pressure as well. If this doesn’t fix the problem, call a plumbing company for help.

Low water pressure can be caused by faulty fixtures, in which case you’ll have to buy a new one as well. Other problems can include clogged pipes, water valve issues, and corroded plumbing. Certainly, these are plumbing difficulties that you won’t be able to handle effectively by yourself.

2. Frozen pipes. This section applies to those of you that live in a place where the winter season can get quite extreme. Frozen pipelines can actually be very common during the wintertime. But, when this happens, unless you have experience and intermediate plumbing skills, you shouldn’t try to defrost frozen pipes. There’s a high risk that you can cause cracks in the pipes if you tried to thaw them out too quickly. This, in turn, can lead to costly repairs.

Frozen pipes are considered a serious plumbing issue since it can cause major damage to your property, if unsolved. It may lead to negative effects, such as the potential to explode, thereby damaging your entire water system and also result in a lack of running water.

3. Faulty water heater: There are many potential reasons why your water heater is acting up. These may include blown fuses, defective heating elements or tripped breakers. Let the pros handle this one.

4. Drips, leaks, puddles and water damage: While these may not immediately seem to be a big deal, these are usually telltale signs of a bigger problem. Don’t dismiss these signs and have a plumber examine the problem.


Fixing the problem on your own can save you hundreds of dollars in plumbing parts and labor. However, you’ll also risk doing more damage to your plumbing system if you lack the necessary skills. Keep in mind that some plumbing emergencies will require an experienced professional and specialized equipment.

The key is to make an honest assessment of your skills, analyze the damage, and then decide whether or not to call in the pros resolve the problem.

If you’ve got some basic plumbing skills and your issue falls in the “When To DIY” list, then it’s worth giving it a try. Otherwise, it’s best to just leave it to the experts instead.

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