7 Creative Ideas for Revamping Your Child’s Room on a Budget

Your little angel is growing up so fast. Before you know it they’ve outgrown their clothes as well as their once beloved room. This realisation leaves you thinking that it might be time for an update but upon searching for children’s room decor online, you’re worried about what it will cost.

Here’s the thing: Kids don’t care about money. All they care about is whether they like their room or not. So, here are some amazing and creative ideas to help you refurbish your child’s room on a budget.

Use Paint

A new coat of paint is probably the cheapest way to transform any room and can make dingy or faded walls look fresh. A change of color can offer a completely different look in a matter of hours.

As kids get older, their style and favorite color change. Switching out the color on their walls will completely transform their old rooms look and feel. You can do more with paint that just applying one color to a wall. Combining different colors allows you to create a broad variety of interesting effects. You can also hire professional painters Panorama for this job to achieve high-quality and professional results.

Decorative Stencils and Murals

Decorative Stencils and Murals

After painting the wall, you can add some glamour by using stencils. Use your kid’s favorite cartoon character or choose a theme— whether it’s jungle or fairytale inspired. When your child outgrows the current theme, it’s as easy as covering it up with paint. Another option is to use different colors to add more personality.

Magnetic or Chalkboard Wall

Kids love doodling. But we all know that doodling and writing on walls is a big no-no.

So, what do you do?

Create a feature wall with magnetic or chalkboard paint. These walls allow your kid’s creativity to flow and can be used for learning letters, numbers and words. The chalk can easily be removed with a regular duster. So whether it’s for homework or a play date inside with you or their friends, this feature wall is a win-win.

New Bedding and Furnishings

New bedding can make a huge difference in any room. The bed is the major focus in a bedroom, so new bedding can really change the look.
New Bedding and Furnishings
You can purchase a few sets with various themes and colors to make instant changes whenever your kid feels like it. And don’t forget about decorative pillows, too.

Just make sure you pick bedding that fits with the rest of the room or adds something unique to it.

Repurpose Old Furniture

Redecorating your child’s room doesn’t mean you’ll need new items. You can always repurpose old furniture with a coat of fresh paint— from headboards, desks, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, and drawers— painting them different color can make them look brand new.

For a drastic change, go bold and funky with several colors on legs or drawers. Or maybe use stencils and stickers to give it more personality and jazz it up even more.

Make A Library Wall

If your kid loves books, then creating a wall full of their favorite books can be an excellent storage saver as well as an opportunity to encourage them to read.

And it doesn’t have to be big shelves, you only need a few inches. A dado rail can be used to position the books horizontally on the wall, so your kid can see the beautiful and colorful covers, giving them easy access during bedtime reading.

Add In Carpets

Add In Carpets
Kids are either on their bed or on the floor.

So, if they like playing or having fun on the floor, having a decorative rug is a must. A fun thing to do is utilizing old pieces of carpeting from various rugs to create a colorful area.

The patchwork look can be very interesting and is really pleasant to look at. Your kids will surely love sitting and playing on them.

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