What You May Not Have Considered When Installing a New Kitchen Faucet

You may be surprised to find out that the faucet is one of the most overworked installations in your kitchen. Countless times in a day, we can leverage the tap for cleaning utensils, thus giving the dishwasher a break. It is common on a daily basis to run water for boiling or cooking various foods. Some use their sink to help in the process of cleaning the kitchen, while others use it to dispense drinking water and much more.

Without a functional faucet, the kitchen can be such a plodding environment to operate in. Frustrating every role that demands unreserved water flow.

If your current faucet installation(s) is not pleasing and functional enough, highlighted below are some factors that you may have let ride.

Your kitchen skills and habits

To some homeowners, the kitchen is likened to the embodiment kind of young thug feared by nearly all urban dwellers. Ordering out is, therefore, their avenging angel. As it saves them the discomfort of having to commit to learning new recipes or put up with the sound of clanging pots.
Your kitchen skills and habits

On the other hand, some homeowners have an avalanche of reasons to prepare every meal, including carrying packed food to work or any other outdoor commitments that denies them the intimate opportunity to dine at home.

There are many options for kitchen faucets to choose from, based on whether you regularly cook or not. However, since skills and habits change, it is always recommended that you opt for an easy to use and practical faucet, regardless of your current inclinations.

The kitchen faucet body type

According to Mr. Kitchen Faucets, a sink, based on its drilling style, can accommodate a given kind of faucet. The most common faucet body types to choose from include single-hole faucet, bridge faucet, and widespread faucet.

Faucet body type Description
  • They feature hot at cold connects at the bottom of the spout, with the spout and handle combined in one unit.
  • They are ideal for under-mount sinks with the faucet installed through the countertop. 
  • Bridge faucets are either double-hole or can have three holes depending on their design. 
  • The hot and cold lines connect in an elevated length known as the bridge. 
  • Bridge faucets are ideal for both top-mount and under-mount sinks. 
  • Widespread faucets have the sprout and the hot and cold water handles each protruding from a separate countertop hole.  

Spout styles and finishes

Spout styles and finishes
The faucet spout styles and finishes you choose should be based on whether you prefer traditional, modern, rustic, vintage, or an appearance incorporating two or more styles. Depending on how your kitchen is styled, choose spout styles and finishes that blend in well and picks up the theme of your overall kitchen environment.

Extra features to boost functionality

Finally, a great kitchen faucet goes beyond just dispensing water. To bring more life into the kitchen, they are engineered with additional features to ease functionality. For instance, touchless activation capabilities accord a seamless control of water flow when your hands are dirty. On a different note, filtering faucets ensure that any water you get is free of organic contaminants. Not to forget are the built-in sprayers, that channel the water spray in a given direction.

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