What to Look out for When Finding The Best Large Bathroom Bathtub

Shopping for a new bathtub when you have a large bathroom is a pleasure, as so many of the restrictions a smaller space puts on you are not relevant. There’s no need to count every square inch of available floor space, and choose the shortest and narrowest tub available. Instead, you have a lot of options, so many perhaps that in some cases choosing the best tub can actually become rather confusing!

That’s why we have put together this handy guide to what you should be looking for when you want to find the best possible large double bath for a bathroom. Happy shopping!

The shape or design of the bathtub

The shape or design of the bathtub

You already know you are not restricted by size, but there are other factors which could guide your final choice. For example, it’s not difficult to find a standard rectangular shape tub which is extra long, and perfect for a long soak if you like to add a bath pillow and stretch out, perhaps read a book or listen to music while you are in there; but will you want to share the tub sometimes? Some are designed not just to be extra long but to allow both ends to be occupied comfortably at the same time.

Depending on whether or not the water supply allows it, you can choose to have a freestanding bath, perhaps a large Victorian-like affair in the middle of the room, or a claw bath with those distinctive feet, or you could go for a corner tub. There are so many options it makes sense to look at them all.

What kind of material should the tub be made from?

What kind of material should the tub be made from
Most tubs are acrylic, but others are steel or iron. If you are interested in something made from a heavier material do check that the floor of your bathroom can take the weight of it.

Plain and simple or bright and bold?

Plain and simple or bright and bold
White may be the default color of many tubs but that doesn’t mean you have to choose it for your bathroom. Stand-alone baths shaped like huge bowls can be made from a stone-like material, while all others are generally either available in everything from soft tones to bright primary palettes – or capable of being painted.

Is the tub to be the star of the show?

affect how you position the new tub
This will affect how you position the new tub. A freestanding tub in the centre of the room is great for creating space across the rest of the floor, while a corner bath also leaves lots of floor space free. If you want to save time and money on retiling then it may make sense to replace the existing bath with your new choice.

Hit the showrooms

Having some basic ideas (at least) of what you would like your new tub to look like will really help when it comes to shopping. Store staff are generally willing to help and advise but they do need something to go on.

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