Best Versatile Towels for Cleaning Your House


Cleaning towels are the most trusted companions for keeping your house hygienic and creating a healthy environment. They come in various sizes for cleaning furniture, utilities, appliances, and other household articles.

Choosing the best material with right density, dirt absorbing capacity, and ease of maintenance makes your task simple and streamlined.

We will first talk about microfiber cloths in general and then, later on, will talk in more details about three amazing cleaning cloths that we think are worth your attention.

What Microfiber Cloths are all about?

What Microfiber Cloths are all about
Microfiber cloths are made of synthetic yarns like polyamide or polyester. They have a sleek construction high density. Denier value is less than other yarns like cotton, nylon, and wool. You can fold a large microfiber cloth and store in compact spaces.

They have specific characteristics that make them ideal for the best hygienic cleaning with little effort. Such as:

-Porosity: Microfiber molecules are highly porous. They have a flexible construction for absorbing dirt and dust particles and holding them for a long time. So, you can use them to clean large surface areas and keep them spot-free.

-Surface Area: Surface area of microfiber extends to multiple folds within each other. The layers get negatively charged when you rub it over an object or surface while cleaning. The intensity of the charge will be sufficient for removing the most stubborn dirt particles.

The yarn layers can also soften the hardened contaminants and dissolve sticky particles like grease, oil, and food-stains etc. Cleaning happens easily when you rub the surface with a microfiber cloth with moderate pressure.

-AntibacterialProperty: Microfiber cloths have inherent antibacterial characteristics. It is mainly due to the CO-NH links of polyamide and polyester fiber. Their molecular structure can attract hidden microbes within the dirty areas and kill them instantly. They have a high affinity for pathogens, infectious bacteria, and other forms of micron-sized germs.

-Versatile Cleaning: You can use the microfiber cloths for dry and wet cleaning with the same effectiveness. The volume of detergent or shampoo will be negligible compared to the surface area covered while cleaning.

In most cases, they work with water to give you the cleanest and pathogen-free effects. Microfiber uses absorption for high-intensity cleaning and adsorption (surface bonding with heavy dirt and contaminants) for complete cleaning of every object in your house.

Microfiber cloths can work efficiently on every type of household object made of wood, plastic, metal, glass, and others. They can endure heat and humidity to a considerable extent. You can also use them on floors and walls made of concrete, wood, lamination, tiles, etc.

-DeepCleaning: Surface area of microfiber is relatively coarser compared to the other types of yarn. The yarn’s surface film is strong enough to break down the stains into micron size particles the processes of adsorption and absorption can quickly remove almost all forms of stains. Hence, it can keep the cleaning area completely hygienic to the core.
Top 3 Microfiber Towels in the market today

1.Nano Towels: Not really a microfiber towel

Nano Towels
Technology: Nanolon-fiber technology has made it possible to create the densest possible fabric (100,000-fibers/square-inch). Nano can work on multiple types of contaminants like liquids, oils, grease, solid dust, dirt, and others found in your house.

Yarn-Density: High density of Nano creates the maximum number of layers, which in turn multiplies the net surface area of cleaning. Hence, the processes of adsorption work at the highest efficiency level.

Anti-Bacterial: The molecular structure of Nano towels can kill maximum types of bacteria and pathogens from cleaning surfaces and objects. It works with water to generate high-intensity static electricity for the elimination of microbes.

Soft and Firm: Nano towels are made of soft and firm yarn. You can use them on smooth surfaces like glass, ceramic, and granite, etc. It causes zero scratches and still cleans the surfaces to the best hygienic effects. You may use Nano on precious metals, fragile surfaces, and antique objects comfortably.

Nano towels can also work effectively on hard surfaces like wood, PVC, steel, and concrete etc. Yarn firmness can remove all the stubborn contaminants with ease.

Hygienic Environment: Nano towels can create a hygienic environment within your home with its eco-friendly cleaning. The cleaned objects no longer emit stale smell into your home environment. Adding a few drops of freshening liquid with water can spread the hygienic fragrance throughout the cleaned living space.

Maintenance: Hand washing after rinsing the cloth in warm water for about 30 minutes works efficiently and increases its durability.

2.E-Cloth Home Cleaning cloths

E-Cloth Home Cleaning cloths
Specialty: E-Cloths are made of a special blend of microfiber yarns by incorporating the anti-bacterial, anti-dirt, and anti-oxidative properties. It can break down bonding between most stubborn dirt and grease particles within a couple of cleaning strokes. It saves your precious time and covers a maximum cleaning area in your home.

Yarn-Quality: Thin microfiber yarns are processed to generate magnetic vibrations during cleaning. It is the micron level friction with the surface which triggers the adsorption of contaminants and pathogens onto the towel. The yarn binds with the contaminant particles firmly, allowing you to use it for multiple cleaning strokes before washing.

Usage-comfort: Working with e-cloths while cleaning is a comfortable task. The yarn provides good grip over the towel. Since the yarn is naturally anti-bacterial, you don’t need to wear any protective gloves while using the e-cloth.

Versatile-Cleaning: E-cloth can work on multiple surfaces and household objects with equal efficiency and effectiveness. It could be hard surfaces like wood and concrete. It could be stainless steel, copper, bronze or other types of metals. It can also handle glass, porcelain, and other fragile surfaces with zero scratches and maximum cleaning.

Maintenance: E-cloth can endure hundreds of machine washes and still preserve its yarn strength and construction stability. It continues to work with the same efficiency and effectiveness.

3.Norwex Towels: Another great option

Norwex Towels
Specialty: According to Norwex, its microfiber cloth is made of yarn that is as thin as 1/200 of the human hair. So, you can imagine the density per square inch and the net surface area for cleaning.

Every fiber has the capacity to dissolve the toughest of dirt and kill the most dangerous pathogen.

Cleaning becomes simple, speedy, scientific, and hygienic in all the aspects.

Construction: Norwex is designed with the most intricate yarn construction. Processing of the yarn has induced static charge generating the capacity to the yarn surface areas. The towel can attract dirt and pathogens into its fold as you rub it on the cleaning surfaces.

Micron level of friction between the towel and cleaning surface can generate the best pathogen killing effects. It can disintegrate the toughest of dry and wet contaminants in the forms of dust, grease, soil, stains, and food waste, etc.

Usability: Norwex towels are versatile in application. You can use them on wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, concrete and other hard and smooth surfaces in your home. It ensures scratch free and deep cleaning on all types of surfaces without any hassles.

Maintenance: Norwex towels are stated to be easy to maintain with hand /machine washing. Durability factor is also high.


Microfiber has replaced all other types and forms of yarn for cleaning towels. All the three products listed above have lightweight, attractive colors, and easily foldable construction.

They are free from abrasion and the yarn strength prevents premature wear and tear. Regular washing of the cleaning towels can increase their durability and sustain their quality.

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