What to look for when Choosing the Best Shed Plan Online

What the Best Online Shed Plans Include

The shed industry has taken notice as many Americans continue to make payments each month to self-storage companies. Ownership of a shed removes the need for those payments and keeps all property at the fingertips of the owner rather than in a unit across town. Approximately 280,000 sheds are built for resale each year, but the handy homeowner can easily download plans and save money by building their own. Before anyone prints the first plan they find, it is important to know what the best shed plans should include.

Professionally Designed Specifications

Professionally Designed Specifications

Only plans designed by those with experience are safe to use. A shed is not as large as most houses, but they still have a significant amount of weight in the roof and walls. A collapsed shed due to a faulty design will destroy property, waste the investment on the materials and could cause injury or worse.

Explanation of Difficulty

A shed can seem simple or complex in its finished appearance and be the exact opposite when it comes to the actual construction process. A good set of plans will have some explanation of who should attempt the project. The directions may include levels like beginner, experienced or pro or it may stress when the effort will take more than a single person or basic tools to complete.

List of Materials

List of Materials
A material list should include the amount of each item needed and the type. For example, it will mention when pressure treated lumber should be used or if galvanized nails are a requirement. Look for lists that include doors and windows, as well as their sizes, and any electrical supplies and finishing materials like siding and shingles.

A list of tools and safety gear is also important for this type of project. Just like the supplies, the builder will want to make certain they have all the tools needed on site before they begin. If the plan has optional features or additions, the list of the materials and tools needed to complete these add-ons should be on a separate list.

Building Instruction Sheet

A simple blueprint is not enough for all builders. Shed designs are complex enough for people to need a little guidance. A step-by-step plan on where to start and how to keep the project organized will prevent mistakes and avoid frustration.

Especially helpful are instructions that include a description of board lengths to cut and how many of each. If a budget plan is chosen, cutting lists of how to make the most out of every sheet of plywood or length of lumber is necessary to stay on track with the estimated cost of the project.

Another helpful addition in the instructions is a note of when the step requires more than one person. It is useful to know when to have help available for heavy lifting or installation. The need for assistance may not be obvious just by looking at the plans and not knowing ahead of time could delay the project.

Completed Building Dimensions

Completed Building Dimensions
The finished exterior and interior dimensions should be listed in the plans. The measurements should include how tall the shed will stand, the height and width of the doors and the windows, and the length of any ramps needed.

Clearly Illustrated Examples

Sketches, computer-generated images or photographs of the phases of the building process can help the builder to know they are on track with the design. The images also help to clarify written instructions that may seem confusing to some people. Images of the finished work from all angles of the interior and exterior make it easier to find a suitable plan. The most reliable designers offer this type of assistance with even their most basic plans.

Instructions for Advice

Construction workers look at and discuss plans.
An email, website tutorial or phone number can come in handy when the instructions or photographs are not enough. Sometime the issue may involve a mistake that the builder wants to correct with the least amount of effort and cost. A good set of plans will often include pro tips throughout, but the added help from the experts that created the plan can make all the difference.

Important Construction Reminders

Small, common mistakes can make a building less appealing or cause it to lose function or stability. Frequent reminders of what not to do can make it easier to avoid this type of incident. A clear example of a professionally prepared plan is when these tidbits of information appear throughout the material.

Sheds have a variety of uses that go way beyond storage. Many people today use sheds as an office for their small business, as an art studio or a cozy hangout. Some world-renowned writers, like Roald Dahl, have even tucked themselves away in sheds to pen their most famous novels. Any structure with this much potential should be built correctly, and that requires the right plan.

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