Best Smart Furniture Solutions for Small Homes

Meta: The micro lifestyle has proved quite challenging for many individuals living in crowded environments. Do you require more space or less furniture? Either way, here are some of the most recent innovative furniture solutions to help.

Are you living in a spatially challenged house? Maybe you’ve got very little space in your downstairs and very small closets where you have to shove what may seem like every little possession you got into most of the time. Thing is, you need space – or maybe less furniture! Regardless of the situation, smart furniture solutions for your small space can be a great way around it.

You could opt for some of the multipurpose living room furniture for small home. Take a moment and picture some of the possibilities that small homes hold if some little thought is put into their smart designing and furnishings. In this article, we focus on some of the space-saving furniture for your small homes to meet all your needs.

Space Saving Furniture for Your Small Homes

At the moment, apartment and home designs are trending towards smaller square footage homes and this has prompted the necessity to come up with smart furniture solutions. Here are a few examples;

1.Kitchen Saving Furniture

Kitchen Saving Furniture

The goal is to create sufficient space for doing other activities in a small home like seating and sleeping space. Kitchen space is not really a priority and this can prove quite challenging when making meals with the best knife block. Here are some of the options you could consider from some of the IKEA furniture stores;
Foldable Kitchen
This can be perfect space-saving kitchen furniture. It’s a fully functioning kitchen that folds up into a stylish looking box that sits up by the corner waiting for its duty time. Comes with an oven, cooker, a fridge and dishwasher and can be unfolded into various configurations depending on the consumer’s choice.
Pop-up Kitchen
For the extra population, this can be a perfect stylish kitchen cabinet for you. Contains a refrigerator, dishwasher system, waste disposal unit and a shelf to hold any extra kitchen furniture you might require. The advantage with this is that its doors are deep and can be used to store dishes.

2.Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture
Create just enough room for your sofas, chairs and coffee tables with some of these living room furniture solutions;
Modular sofa
Plan the sections of your living room by putting up sectional seats to make the most of the small living room. Setup the sofa at the corner and boost the sitting space and even better create a cozy mood for your friends when they come over.
Pop-up tables
Under counter, tables can be great furniture. For small interiors where you find the dining room is also the workspace and the kitchen at the same time, this can be a good solution. These tables are built into the kitchen unit. You just pull them out whenever you need to use them and then tuck them in once you have done.
Expanding bookshelf
This innovation will meet your small space questions. This storage unit expands from a collapsed size to convenient sizes that will meet your needs. With few adjustments in between, you can maneuver with the storage space. Indeed, quite a solution for overstock furniture!

3.Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture
Sleeping challenges in small homes have captivated the minds of designers to come up with trundle build bedroom furniture to help you out. Here are other bedroom furniture solutions that will prove effective;
Transformable queen size beds
This is normally hidden in sofas. This bed magically disappears into the sofa and can transform back within seconds. This multipurpose furniture could serve as a cozy nook for your social gatherings during the day while at night a perfect place to lay your head.
Desk beds
This bed slips easily under the beneath. This multipurpose furniture could serve as a shelf, writing desk and even a small storage unit at times.


Above are some of the best furniture solutions for small homes. Take your time and look through some of the innovative furniture that will prove effective for your spatially challenged home. Have you purchased some of the IKEA furniture? How did you find them?

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