Home, Smart Home: 5 Best Devices for 2019

With the majority of us working harder and longer, most of today’s technological developments are here to make our lives that little bit easier. Some are there to keep us safe and others are there just for the fun of it. Whatever its use, with so much new technology about, it can be easy to get lost in all the advertisements and get confused on what items are best for you. If upgrading your home is something you’re interested in, to save you some of the trouble, we will be having a look at five of the best devices available in 2019.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo with Alexa is an extremely popular device. It’s a smart speaker that has many functions and with Dolby technology fixed into the speaker, the audio experience it offers is impressive. As well as being able to play music, the Amazon Echo can answer a range of questions, set tasks and alarms, plus a lot more. All you need is your voice to command it to do what you need. If you install an Alexa-enabled speaker to other devices in your home, then you will also be able to control them with your voice. This can include turning on/off lights, adjusting the thermostat, locking the door and more. The Echo is also able to make calls as well as being able to receive and send messages.

Wireless Door Chime

Wireless Door Chime
Securing your home couldn’t be easier with this device. A favorite is the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. With this device, you can get doorbell notifications sent straight to your phone which allows you to answer the door from anywhere. The Ring Pro works in harmony with Alexa to alert you to visitors. You can also hear them and speak to them completely hands-free. When the doorbell is pressed or when motion detectors sense movement, the alert will be sent to your smartphone. This device connects to the existing wiring so re-charging isn’t an issue. A video camera can also be added.

Roomba Robot Vacuums

Roomba Robot Vacuums
Roomba Vacuums connect via Wi-Fi and can be controlled through a smartphone app or with your voice if you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can schedule it to vacuum at certain times of the day, and you will receive a notification once the job is done.

The Roomba 960 is a favorite. It can clean for an impressive 75 minutes and will recharge automatically. Features include a three-stage cleaning system as well as a high-efficiency filter that will capture 99% of pollen, dust and allergens.

Wi-Fi Plugs

Wi-Fi Plugs
With Wi-Fi plugs, you can control your home appliances and electronics via an app and/or voice-control. Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant function with the smart plug. Using your voice or smartphone, you will be able to control lights, appliances and more in your home. You can also add schedules to the smart plug which can help manage your energy usage by controlling the devices that require a lot of power.

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control
This universal remote doesn’t just control your TV; it is also capable of controlling other smart devices in your home. The Harmony remote will work with Alexa, which means you can control the TV and connected devices with a simple voice command. A feature of the remote includes a one-touch automation function, so by touching one button, everyday activities can be triggered such as turning on/off lights, the TV and more.

Although these are just a handful of devices available, they really do help improve the function of your home and their popularity can prove that. Upgrading your house into a smart home is just one step towards making your life that little bit easier.

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