What to Do When Your House Has Mold?

The signs that you have mold in your house are not as easy to see as a fungus-covered sandwich at the back of the refrigerator. If someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, you should be checking for mold outbreaks and taking steps to get rid of it if you find any. Mold is unsightly, causes health problems, and devalues your property.

The Effects of Living with Mold

The Effects of Living with Mold

Mold is found everywhere and is an extremely ancient organism. When someone encounters it outside in the fresh air, it’s not a problem. The effects of living with mold are most apparent if you have a family member who is elderly, frail, or a child. Signs that you have a mold problem will manifest itself as coughing, sneezing, and chronic fatigue.

Where Does Mold Grow?

Some of the signs that you have mold growing in your house will show up in these ways:

  • Heating/air conditioning smells strange
  • Bathroom tiles and grouting are black
  • Peeling wallpaper and ceiling paint
  • Dampness
  • Stains and spots on the walls and ceiling
  • Mustiness
  • Heavy humidifier use in the home
  • You have moved into a new house – modern building methods eliminate drafts and ventilation to save on utility bills – which makes them more prone to mold

Flooding and Water Damage

Flooding and Water Damage

If you have recently experienced flooding or any water damage in your home, it may be more susceptible to mold formation. When the damage restoration service comes to do the water extraction and clean-up, ask them to check for signs of mold. If it has already taken hold, make sure that the water damage specialists that you choose are also experts in mold damage remediation.

The longer mold is left to grow, the more damage it will cause, and the process of getting rid of it can become costly and drawn out. If you have a suspicion that your house has mold taking hold or have experienced water damage of any kind, call for Boise mold removal ServiceMaster now.

Why it is Important to Get Rid of Mold Professionally

Get Rid of Mold Professionally

Mold can wreak the most significant amount of damage in your home in the shortest time. The source of its moisture has to be removed immediately, or else it will continue to flourish. Your entire home will be quickly contaminated and continue to get worse.

Mold remediation is easily done in the early stages of it taking root in your home. The longer it is left, the more extensive the repairs will have to be. Unfortunately, while commonly used, bleach is also the most inefficient way to tackle mold yourself, no matter what the product description claims.

Household cleaners and repainting only hide the problem. Only a thorough professional mold and fungicide removal system will sort out your mold problems for good. A professional cleanup team has the proper equipment such as gloves, goggles, respiratory masks, and extraction tools to ensure that your home is the healthy and happy space that your family deserves.

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