Exposed Aggregate: What Is It and How It Is Beneficial

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new home from scratch, flooring is an important aspect that enhances the look and feel of your home’s interior or exterior to a whole new level. Concrete flooring is known for its long durability and sturdy finish but with the help of latest technologies and cutting-edge tools and techniques, today’s innovative designers gave a fabulous makeover to the plain concrete flooring into a beautiful landscape of designs by introducing exposed aggregate model.

What is Exposed Aggregate?

What is Exposed Aggregate

Unlike the smooth surface like the concrete flooring, these exposed aggregate have coarse surface which gives an elegant finish to your flooring. After the concrete layering, the outer layer of these is removed tactfully by the expert technicians to reveal the beautiful surface under the concrete which is known as the exposed aggregate flooring. These coarse or rough flooring brings in many advantages and can be used in many areas of your home.


  • Exposed aggregate flooring provides a safe, anti-skid flooring option which gives a grip while you walk on these surfaces unlike the smooth finished concrete flooring where you can slip easily especially during rainy season or snow.
  • Coarse flooring is also highly resilient to normal wear and tear of everyday usage.
  • These exposed flooring provides the customers various design options and gives an luxury addition to your home which matches a granite or marble flooring look but at an affordable rate.


Exposed aggregate can be used in many places in and around your home which does not fail to impress your guests. However, many customers mostly use these type of decorative exposed aggregate flooring on their outdoors like sidewalks, pool decks, driveways and patios.

Factors to consider while selecting an aggregate for your flooring

Factors to consider while selecting an aggregate for your flooring

Perth exposed aggregate offers wide range of decorative aggregate options with premium services and great customer satisfaction. Before choosing to opt for these exposed aggregate flooring there are certain factors to keep in mind.

  • Cost – To minimize the overall expense of these exposed aggregate flooring choose the locally produced aggregate instead of importing from other regions. This will reduce the cost and readily available with no waiting time.
  • Colour and Hardness – The colour palette of the aggregate flooring depends upon the colour of the stone, the type of exposure it underwent and the hardness of these material.
  • Size and Shape – The size and the shape of the aggregate determines the overall finishing look and it comes in various sizes from 3/8 inch to 2 inches.
  • Smooth or Texture – If you want a smooth surface then opt for a rounded aggregate or if you like to have a textured surface then go for an angular aggregate surface.

One of the popular exposed aggregates among the customers are more of an earthy stones and natural coloured stones. For example, granite, quartz, limestones are some of the famous natural stones in addition to the manufacturing products that is got from recycled items like coloured glass.

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