Guide to Get a Perfect Garage Door

Garage doors are an important factor to any home which is responsible to keep your expensive car safe and preventing outside intruders to your home. Finding one which is built with highly resilient material and at the same time matches your home décor is very crucial. As garage doors adds an elegant look to any home in an easy and efficient way. Whether it is manual door or automatic, garage doors are always the most frequently used product in every household. Thus, a little research before choosing the right one gives a hassle-free experience to the customer.

Types of Garage doors

Types of Garage doors

  • Single Panel
  • Sectional Panel

These are the basic categories of the garage doors where single panels are mostly used for smaller garage where it tilts up and opens the garage door and rolls up towards the ceiling of the garage. Whereas for a large garage space, sectional panel doors are optimal solution which contains several jointed panels and usually rolls at the top of the doorway.

Materials used in Garage doors

The materials of the garage doors impact the overall durability of the product and according to the local weather conditions choose the material that suits for every seasonal changes.

Wooden Garage door – Elegant in every design is what wooden garage doors offers to its customers. Though it is expensive in the range of garage doors, the ultimate finish it gives is worth ever penny. However, high maintenance is required to keep the shine and everlasting smooth coatings.

Steel Doors – one of the popular model with a competitive pricing is steel garage doors which offers plenty of advantages to the customers like various designs and colour patterns, high security and strong metal where extra layering gives extended durability as well.

Fiberglass doors –These combine two or more material and provides a premium quality garage doors to the customers. These doors look similar to the wooden garage door as it contains a fiberglass material or a vinyl material over the steel core material. These composite units rates are higher than the steel garage doors. These fiberglass doors are popular among households for its aesthetic designs.

Aluminium doors – one of the economical option among the garage door is made up of aluminium material. Though aluminium has several advantages like low-maintenance, corrosion or rust-free even in bad weather conditions and light-weight, it has some drawbacks as well. It is not strong enough like steel which is prone easily to dentures under normal wear and tear. Due to the highly conductive property of the aluminium material these are not energy efficient.

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Whatever maybe the material or the type of panel used in these doors, maintaining the garage door is important as it will not only help to give an extended life but also helps it function efficiently like new. Periodic maintenance by the professional technician is essential. Buying the garage door from a reputed company like is critical to have a hassle free experience.

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