Build Your Own Furniture: 5 DIY Furniture Projects to Try

Building your own furniture is so much more than a cheaper alternative to buying household essentials. A piece you build with your own hands can give your new home the character it’s lacking.
Need some inspiration? Here are just a few easy to DIY furniture pieces that can fill out your home.

Building Your Own Furniture? Start on the Walls

Have you found that you’ve accidentally built a Barnes and Noble inside your apartment? Is your one bookshelf full to bursting, your paperbacks now lying in haphazard stacks on the floor? Floor space is a valuable thing, but wall space is real estate that’s rarely fully utilized. Don’t take up much-needed footpaths with another bookshelf. Put up some easily constructed bookshelves on your walls.

Buy or find a few wood boards and attach them to L-brackets. Homemade bookshelves are extremely versatile and can look attractive and professional in any decor.

Decorative Coffee Tables

Decorative Coffee Tables

A good coffee table can be the element that ties a room together. A bad coffee table…well, it’ll hold coffee and an expensive art book.

To liven up your coffee table, trying adding in pieces of yourself. A good option is something you collect that doesn’t have an ideal way to be showcased, like bottle caps, coins, or postcards.

There are two methods for this: put a glass top over the objects you want to display, or create a shadowbox if you want a more artistic arrangement.

Minimalist Bed Frames

Minimalist Bed Frames

You’ve got a comfortable bed, but it’s ruining your aesthetic with that unsightly box spring. You don’t need to buy an elaborate frame and headboard to make your bed look good: just grab some boards.

To create a chic but minimalist bed frame, get some pine boards and put them together around your box spring. Keep them in place with nails or a wood dowel.

Perfect Fitting End Tables

Fitting End Tables

Reaching all the way from the couch over to the end table to grab your wine? Outdated.

Fitted end tables that slip over the arm of your chair are all the rage now. We admit, these are mostly for convenience, but there’s a safety element at play. You’re a lot less likely to spill your drink all over the couch if it’s always within grasp.

Fitted end tables are the easiest thing on this list to construct. Take three boards, glue them together in a u-shape. Slip over the arm of your chair. Viola!

Home Bar

Home Bar

This one takes a little more effort than the rest, but a home bar can turn your home into the must-be spot for holiday parties.
You don’t need to remodel your entire home to make it feel fresh again.  Any easy fix for a house that’s starting to feel stale is adding something dramatic. In this case, a home bar.

Everybody needs a project. A home bar is something a lot of homeowners might call essential, which is why more and more homes are being built with bar spaces already installed.

All it takes to build a home bar is, like most of the things on this list, a couple of pine boards, some screws, a solid tool kit, and wood stain. The construction might seem daunting, but there are a lot of guides to help you out.

Put Yourself Into Your Home

Your home is your home, and the decor should reflect that. Don’t be afraid to craft some unique pieces to showcase your personality.

Building your own furniture doesn’t have to be hard. It’s amazing what you can put together with just a few 2×4’s and wood dowels!

For more tips on how to fill your home with character on a budget, check out more of our articles.

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