What To Do When You Have Frozen Pipes That Require Thawing

Thawing frozen water pipes as quickly as possible is vital. However, it is just as essential to thaw frozen pipes correctly and avoid burst pipes and potentially incurring flooding that could lead to damages.

Locating The Frozen Pipes

Petri Plumbing and Heating Inc Frozen Pipes

To thaw frozen pipes, you must first evaluate which pipes are frozen. Turn on the taps in your property, and if you notice, only a slight trickle or now water coming out, the pipes leading to the taps is most likely frozen. If one pipe is frozen, the chances of other pipes being frozen are high. If pipes are exposed, for example, in basements, under sinks, or along the outside of the home, you may notice the frozen section of the pipe. Frozen pipes often contain frost on them or might present a slight bulge. If the blockage is found in a section of the pipe that is accessible, you’ll have more options of comfortably thawing the pipe as opposed to frozen sections that are enclosed behind walls.

Opening Faucets

Before starting the process of thawing frozen pipes, you’ll need to open the faucet where the faucets are feeding the water into. Ensure you open both hot and cold taps. This will assist with alleviating pressure in the system and will permit the water to escape once the thawing of the pipes commences.

Where To Start With Thawing The Pipes

You must always begin the thawing procedure close to the faucets and work your way towards the blockages. They will assist with melting the ice and allowing the steam to escape through open faucets. If you begin the thawing process close to the obstructions, the melting ice can get stuck behind the blockages, resulting in more pressure inside the pipes and intensifying the risk of the pipes bursting.

Calling The Professionals

Calling The Professionals
If you are not able to thaw the pipes or locating the frozen pipes or are not feeling comfortable in attempting the process in fear of burst pipes, then it is best to call a plumber in New Haven, CT that could rectify the issue for you.

Things To Steer Clear Of

Do not attempt to thaw the pipes with an open flame like a propane torch, for instance. This can end up damaging the pipe or start a fire.

In the event of a pipe bursting

In the instance of a pipe bursting, the first thing you should be doing is shutting off the main water line to the property. You must be aware of where the shut-off valves are for your properties and every unit. There are generally smaller shut-off valves close to the toilets and sinks; however, the main shut-off valve is usually close to the water meter.

Risks Associated With The Thawing Of Frozen Pipes

Risks Associated With The Thawing Of Frozen Pipes
There are two significant risks that you must be aware of when you are trying to thaw a frozen water pipe.

  • Fire – When utilizing heat sources to thaw a frozen pipe, you are running the risk of starting a fire. Be sure to adhere to all safety instructions and avoid leaving the product unattended.
  • Burst pipe – if you start the process of thawing a frozen pipe incorrectly, you can end up with a burst pipe. Always begin the thawing process nearest to the tap.
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