What is better? Buying or Renting a Home in Sheffield?

The glint of steel – is synonymous with the city of Sheffield.  This reflection of brightness in Sheffield, especially where the property market is concerned, has been growing stronger recently. It is becoming one of the hotspots, as the Redbrik Estate Agents in Sheffield can verify. This is because of the area’s affordability and accessibility. Even though house prices have risen all over, the cost of independent houses and apartments is still lower in Sheffield than in other developing areas. The transport system is excellent, with the Supertram network and other rail and road facilities.

However, is it better to buy or rent a home in Sheffield? We look at some of the pros and cons.

Buying a Home:


  • It serves as a good investment.  The locality can be checked out to see whether there will be a good ROI (return on investment). Price Paid Data tracks property sales in England and Wales submitted to HM Land Registry for registration. This could provide the necessary information. If the property is bought and rented out, it will generate more income.
  • Buying a home brings stability and security. Owning your home is a major achievement and one to be proud of.
  • Tax aids: You can receive a tax credit of 20% of your mortgage interest payment. Also, equity can be increased while paying the loan.  
  • Freedom: You can renovate and redecorate the property to your taste, replace appliances, have pets, enjoy privacy and live the life you want.


  • Monthly expenses are not fixed. They will vary according to the requirements, as you will be responsible for maintenance, repairs and keeping your home in good condition.
  • While rent payments will not be there, other expenses such as property tax and Council bills can increase.
  • A home is a solid asset but with risks – it may take time to sell the property or it could decrease in value due to factors such as the location, economy, environmental features, etc.

Renting a Home:

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  • You have a fixed rental payment, so you can plan and budget for other expenses.
  • Flexibility: If you need to move in a hurry, you can do so, especially if it is a short term lease.
  • Freedom: You are not responsible for major repairs or maintenance, as the landlord will see to those. Basic cleanliness and respect for the property is a must, however.
  • If your work involves frequent travel, then renting is a plus point, as constant supervision of the property will not be an issue.


  • Terms of the lease agreement have to be met. Accordingly, the landlord may increase the rent or evict you. The property may have to be put up for sale. The rules may include “no pets” or “no smoking”.
  • You will not be able to build equity as the property will not belong to you.
  • Generally, no tax benefits are available.
  • Renovations or changes cannot be made without the landlord’s approval.

So, is it wiser to buy or rent a home?  Taking into account the Sheffield scenario, both have benefits. The city has a diverse population with a dynamic culture and provides excellent entertainment in the fields of music, art, theatre and historic galleries.   

The excellent universities and educational institutions make it a booming student rental area. So do the young professionals who are increasing in number and moving to Sheffield due to the upcoming business opportunities. A buy-to-let would be a wise investment. Sheffield offers a good possibility for capital growth, whether you buy to rent or purchase a property to live in. 

Because of the affordability, the younger generation (students and professionals) looking to rent have a wider range to choose from. For those whose jobs involve transfers or periodic travel, renting would definitely be a better option.  

Quoting from an expert, “Renting doesn’t mean you’re throwing away money every month, and owning doesn’t always help you build wealth in the long run.” Both need income to survive and, at times, renting is less expensive than ownership, even if the mortgage payment is lower.


The answer to “Which is better?” depends on the individual concerned. What needs to be taken into account is your personal goal, budget, finances and lifestyle. Even though money is one of the main factors, other concerns need to be taken into consideration as well. If you are looking at property investment, then buying would be better. So would this decision if you are sure about long-term ownership and would like to settle down in that area and build a career. If it is not so, then renting would be the best option. Either way, Sheffield is a hotspot worth looking into.

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