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A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Bathroom Heaters

There are various heating options you can use in your bathroom. You can consider a wall heater, a heated towel rack, heating lamps, and many other options. One of the options you should consider is having a bathroom heater to ensure your bathroom isn’t cold.

But then, choosing a good bathroom heater can be challenging. You’ll need to consider various factors before settling on the best. If you are buying a bathroom heater for the first time, this article is for you. It is a comprehensive guide to choosing the best heater.

Here’s everything you should know about choosing a bathroom heater.

Buying a Bathroom Heater

Investing in a good bathroom heater should be top among your plans. This is so if you stay in a cold area. It can help ensure you are comfortable as you spend time in your bathroom space. Besides, it will ensure your guests have a good time in your home.

But, as said before, this will depend on the bathroom heater you choose. There are various ways to choose the best bathroom heater. The next section will take an in-depth look at these factors. But before going deeper, we will mention a little about the types of bathroom heaters.

One of the factors we’d like to highlight is how the bathroom heater is made. You can consider various types, from silicone to Kapton and polyester heaters. All these are versatile and flexible heaters that can deliver the desired results. But you might have to pick the best for you.

You can consider having custom flexible heaters for your space. The manufacturers can come on-site and help you design your space. They can determine what will look perfect in your space. It will also be good to engage them since they’ll advise you on the best heating options.

It can range from flexible silicone heaters to film heaters and Kapton heating equipment. They’ll consider various things before advising you on the best heating option for your bathroom. One of the factors they’ll consider is the amount of space available in your bathroom and what will fit in it.

Also, they’ll consider external factors such as how cold your area gets. This will help them pick the heater that will provide the right heat. For instance, Kapton healing would be a good pick if your area is extremely cold. It has a thin heating element providing immediate heat.

Also, they might decide to install a polyester heater if your bathroom is too big. This type of heater is ideal for very big spaces, but most bathrooms aren’t. However, if your bathroom space is big, the best option to provide sufficient heat will be a polyester heater.

How to Select a Bathroom Heater


Now you have a hint on what types of bathroom heaters are out there. But you might still have problems choosing the best when you go out there in the market. The best way to ensure you do not make a mistake is to learn how to select a good bathroom heater for your space.

In the end, this article will make your search fruitful and ensure you do not make the wrong choice of a bathroom heater.

The factors you should keep in mind include:

  • Safety

This is one of the most important factors to consider. Safety should come on top whether you install a bathroom heater at home or in a commercial space. This means considering the safest bathroom heater and installing it in your bathroom space.

There are various safety features to look for in a heater. For instance, you should check if it has an Appliance Leakage Current Interrupter (ALCI) plug. This feature prevents electric shock even if it drops in water. Also, connect the heater to a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet.

The GFCI outlet helps monitor electrical current. It will cut off power whenever there’s a surge or imbalance. Its built-in features can help ensure electrocution and other accidents do not occur. 

  • Installation

How the heater should get installed should also concern you. If you are running on a budget, you will look for a heater that you can install by yourself. But not every heater out there will meet your needs. Some require technical knowledge to install, which might make you look elsewhere.

Thankfully, the seller will help you choose heaters that meet this need. They will let you know how much it will cost to install each of the heaters in stock. Once you know the costs ensure you factor them into the total cost of the heater to plan your budget well.

  • Heat Output

This factor usually differs from one heater to another. Thus, you will need to consider it if you are looking for a bathroom heater that best fits your needs. As said before, one factor that will determine the heater you choose is the size of your bathroom.

Big bathroom spaces require more powerful heaters. Polyester heaters are an ideal pick for such spaces. But then, you do not decide by just looking at your space. You might need a professional to take measurements of the room and determine the heat requirements.

Those are the primary factors to consider when choosing a bathroom heater. As we said earlier, picking one from various alternatives won’t be easy. You will need to ensure you research and know what best fits your needs. The factors we have discussed above will simplify your search.

The Ideal Bathroom Heating Solution

A bathroom heater is undoubtedly the ideal heating solution to use as a homeowner. You can buy and install one in your bathroom space today. This will ensure you keep your bathroom warm and comfortable. But choosing a good bathroom heater can be a daunting task for a starter.

The best way to ensure you don’t make a mistake when choosing is by following the tips we have shared above. This article has looked at some of the best factors to consider when picking a bathroom heater. You can use it as a checklist for buying a heater for your bathroom revamp.

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