What Goes Into The Cost of a Fitted Kitchen

If you are planning for a newly fitted kitchen, you have various design options to choose from. Depending on the same, the fitted kitchen cost can also vary, but you will not regret investing in this beautiful addition to your home.

The designer brands and shining appliances may cost relatively high according to your kitchen’s shape and size.

How Much Does A Newly Fitted Kitchen Cost?

How Much Does A Newly Fitted Kitchen Cost

On average, it will cost you from GBP 1500 to GBP 8000. The cost includes VAT and fitting charges. If you go for new appliances, the fee can be more.

However, great design can turn your kitchen from a cook room into a place for family and friends to socialise. It will add real value to your property.

Things That Make Your Kitchen Costly

Things That Make Your Kitchen Costly
Integrated Kitchen

Renovating your old kitchen takes a lot of time and effort. But, fitted kitchen cost is offset by the effortless installation. You don’t need to call the plumber, electrician, or gas-installer to repair the old kitchen. The self-installation will increase your labour cost. However, the kitchen fitting company has a long-standing relationship with these tradesmen, which is cheaper than hiring an individual worker.

Let us understand this by an example. An average-sized kitchen renovation takes two-three weeks. It will help if you hire a kitchen fitter, plumber, electrician, and plaster assistance. Each of these workers will charge £120 to £ 200 a day. The material and appliances charges are separate. However, the kitchen-fitting company may charge you £3000 to £4000 for the complete job, depending on your design.

Removal of Old Kitchen

To get a new fitted kitchen installed, removal of old appliances and kitchen cabinets is essential. The fitted kitchen company has specialised workers for the job. On the other hand, it will cost you £150 or more if done by yourself. Overall, hiring experts to take down your kitchen saves your money.

Electrical Installation

It is dangerous to install electrical sockets by yourself. A proper electrical tradesperson will help install all the sockets and switches needed in your kitchen. It might cost you £300 to £900, depending on the job. But, all these jobs include the cost of a new fitted kitchen.

Appliances, Worktop, Cupboards

The cost of the appliances, worktop, and cupboards depends on the design you choose. For instance, a standard wall unit is not expensive compared to glass inlay. Laminated worktops are average-priced compared to wood, granite, or marble.

Appliances will cost more in the fitted kitchen. The American-style freezer or gas-stove can be expensive. If you are thinking of a budget, then a freestanding kitchen installation is a good option. You may retain a few of your old appliances that are in good condition and add to the renovated kitchen.

Fancy Accessory

The fitted kitchen cost factor includes the use of decorative accessories. The door and drawer knobs are expensive. If you go for handleless cabinets, it will cost more.


Updating your kitchen floor is an excellent choice as the old linoleum or tile can impact your new kitchen. The price of the new carpeting is hardly more than your old one.

Why Do You Need A New Kitchen?

Why Do You Need A New Kitchen
The modernised kitchen will give your home a new look and provide an opportunity to deal with faulty problems you were avoiding since long. The new fitted kitchen gets the attention of a certified plumber, electrician, carpenter, and efficient safety appliances. It will save costs as these services are part of the renovation project.

On the other hand, the process is hassle-free and takes hardly two or three weeks to complete. An average-sized kitchen takes less time than a large one. Go for a fitted kitchen without worrying about the cost and give your home a new look.

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