A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Interior Style For You

You Want A Interior That Is Easy To Work With

Denouncing the need for decoration and accessories, minimalist homes make use of the basics as they prioritise form and function. Suitable for an open plan living space, minimalist homes embrace negative and empty space. You choose quality over quantity as you are purchasing less for your home.

Minimalist interiors aren’t just a trend, it’s a way of living, which means it will not go out of fashion. The philosophy behind minimalist living has been found to be beneficial, with being organised, a sustainable lifestyle, well thought out purchases and a simple living style has been found to be help your well being.

The colour palette is limited, use whites, blacks, creams and greys. Colours a few shades apart can create a sharp and precise look. Just because the main colour palette is basic, it doesn’t mean you can’t add splashes of your favourite colour in and around your home.

Furniture needs to have clean lines, a simple form and is always functional. Your interior will be made to be practical. The stripped back colours and furniture means it is easy to work with.

You Like To Play With Colour Combinations

Rejecting anything that is boring or mundane, retro interior designs are colourful and bold, with intense colour contrasts. You can use unusual colour, texture and shape combinations and still perfectly execute the look.
You Like To Play With Colour Combinations

Retro interiors are defined as interior designs and styles from the 1950s to 1970s. They are always warm and playful, furniture needs to be fully functional, sturdy, durable and comfortable. The Eames Lounge Chair is an example of a fashionably nostalgic piece. Look out for darker woods and intense colours such as turquoise, pink, orange, red, yellow, mint and green.

You Want A Luxury And Edgy Home

Dramatic and spooky, modern gothic homes are all about making a bold statement. The style can be mixed with other interior styles to create a subtle yet moody aesthetic. Not everyone will be able to pull it off without being overwhelmed.

Gothic homes are beautiful but misunderstood, you will want to use mysterious and ornate decorations such as sculptures of hands, vintage vases, skulls and half burnt candle sticks.

Textiles will be high end and luxurious, pieces of furniture and heavy drapes will be made from velvet, silk or satin. A lot of natural light will have to be embraced to make up for the dark and somber colour palette, a lot of black is used, however, other colours such as purples, greens, browns, blues and reds can also be applied. A need for a gothic home is a lavish, antique chandelier to finish the look.

A Casual And Laid Back Home

It can be anything you want it to be when creating a Boho Chic home, whether it is colourful or neutral, messy or clean. The interior is designed to pamper your well being and encourage passion. Boho chic is a great way to add personality and elegance to your home.
A Casual And Laid Back Home
You can create a truly eclectic mix, with a playful choice of vintage furniture, colours, patterns, textiles and details. The style needs to be spontaneous and not care too much about stuff matching. You can choose a rainbow colour palette or a subdued earthy tones to complement your Boho Chic home.

You Love Luxury And Drama

Extravagant and lavish, a Hollywood Regency home brings the iconic city straight to your home. Designed with opulence in mind, think big patterns and bright colours to bring a dramatic mix to your home.

The style is inspired by a range of previous interior designs such as Art Deco, classic regency style, chinoiserie, neoclassicism and modernism. Black and white should only be used to complement colours of turquoise, pink, yellow, royal purple and emerald green, or in harlequin or checkerboard patterns. Be bold with animal and oversized botanical patterns. Textiles have to be luxurious, such as velvet, silk, suede, chenille or fur.

Understanding interior styles better means you have a better understanding of which one you would like to follow to create your perfect home interior.

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