How to Paint Trim Around the Carpet?


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Paint Trim the Carpet

Painting the trim around the Carpet is an arduous and intimidating task. One has to be precise so as not to spill the paint and ruin the process entirely. However, if you follow a few easy steps, you can nail it!

The process of Painting Trim around the Carpet:

  • Cleaning and Sanding the Base Board

Cleaning and Sanding the Base Board
Cleaning is the first and one of the most important processes involved while painting the trim near your Carpet. It would help if you used a non-toxic solution while cleaning the surface of your baseboard. Sanding will not be necessary if the surface of your baseboard is already smooth. When you do sense roughness on a specific area over your baseboard, it is recommended that you smoothen out with the help of 280-320 grit sandpaper. For more such painting tips you can visit My Paint Sprayer blog.

The area where the trim meets the floor must remain dust-free. For that, you need to vacuum the Carpet thoroughly throughout the room.

  • Taping the baseboard and the Carpet

Taping the baseboard and the Carpet
If you are not careful while managing the painter’s tape, you might find yourself unraveling a heap of it, all tangled and messed up! It is recommended that you keep a 2″ to 3″ inches full roll of tape ready, before starting your work. Firstly, you need to push the edge of the tape with a putty knife against the trim. It would be best if you covered the entirety of the side of the carpeting. Since the tape has fully covered the baseboard’s bottom, you need not worry about exposing it to the paint.

It would help if you ensured that the painter’s tape is not excessively sticky. It is also recommended that you use a painter’s cloth to wipe off any excess paint. It can also be useful if you had accidentally dropped your paint cup and spilled it on unwanted areas.

  • Selecting the Perfect Brush

Selecting the Perfect Brush
You cannot go out of your comfort zone well painting. You need a brush that fits perfectly in your hand and can be controlled with your fingers. For tasks like these, you would want to use a standard nylon bristle. A new set of instruments has recently conquered the market, claiming to simplify the otherwise rigorous task of painting. One such apparatus would be the gliding pad. The pad has wheels set on the underside, allowing it to glide on the surface while dropping a layer of paint.

A foam brush could be a convenient and eco-friendly option for those who want the task of painting to remain pure. If you are having a hard time compensating with the bristle brush, you should try the foam brush. Once you are done using it, you can drop it down the trash can.

  • Painting

To start with painting, dip your brush in the paint and wipe off the excess. It is vital that you gently apply the brush on top of the surface, covering the area without throwing in much pressure. You need to maintain a clean line between the trim and the drywall. After you have finished painting the bottom edge as well, you can apply another coat of paint. You would be painting the baseboard and the drywall with the same; however, you can get creative and cover the baseboard with a semi-gloss coating!


If you can stick to these simple rules, then you will surely conquer the edge around the carpet with your painting skills! All you want to do is choose the best tape, a brush, good quality paint, and remain calm and gentle throughout the process!

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