What Can You Do About Sulfur Smell in Well Water?

Are you tired of the sulfur smell in your water? This hideous rotten-egg smell is enough to make you feel nauseous and, even worse, make you ill. Moreover, did you wonder how unhealthy it can be for your entire family!

But we can’t let it happen. We have to take effective measures to stop this terrible smell from the well water. Even if it seems hard it is worth a shot.

What if we told you we know the solution to this. We are not kidding! We know an incredibly simple method to get rid of this.  

If you want to know more, scroll down to this segment to solve your lifetime problem of smelly water.

How To Treat Sulfur Odors In Well Water?

A DIY writer at Improve Warrior, suggest an easy task. To prevent water smell you don’t need to be an expert. With simple steps, you can easily stop the sulfur odors in well water.

Here we try to outline some of the steps that you can use to treat the well water.

Step 1: Smell Test

Before taking any serious step you need to figure out where the smell is coming from. Sometimes, the smell comes from only cold water, sometimes from only hot water, or sometimes from both. As a result, we may have to apply different procedures for different reasons. 

Again, this process depends on the type of smell you’re experiencing. For instance, the method for a rotten smell is totally different from your water smell like oil or asphalt or cucumber or sewage. 

Step 2: Water Test

The next step should be determining the source of smelly water. It can be a problem with the public water system or personal well. Anyways, we need to sort it out.

To do the test, we can simply do a pH analysis backed up by iron and manganese tests. For health concerns, a total coliform test or bacteriological test is highly recommended.

Well Water 1

Step 3: Chlorine Bleaching 

It is necessary that you bleach your wells with chlorine. Your entire well should be washed up and cleaned with it.

As it is a best practice for eliminating odors for years after years, we think this step should not be neglected. Though it seems inevitable, we would like to include it in your checklist.

Step 4: Use a Chlorinator

Install a chlorinator or, most commonly known as, chlorine injectors for continuous injection of chlorine gas in the water.

While water is running, spraying chlorine helps not only get rid of the smell but also unhealthy microorganisms. Thanks to chlorinators.

Step 5: Inject Peroxide

After that, you can inject hydrogen peroxide into the water. Don’t forget to use a catalytic carbon filter after that. The process will be utterly incomplete except for that.  

Using it is crucial because unlike chlorine it does not leave any residues in the water. Thus we can say it makes your water cleaner than you are expecting.

Verily, with these steps, you can expect to get odor-free, healthy water for your home.


Why does my well water smell musty?

Most of the time, you may find a musty smell from your well water. It is due to the dissolved minerals, for example, copper, lead and many more. The bacteria cause this smell by eating out the minerals.

Is it safe to drink well water that smells like rotten eggs?

To put it precisely, the rotten egg smell of the water is not directly correlated to the quality of water. Therefore, we cannot say it is harmful. However, they may be. For safety, a coliform test will do the work.


We are at the end of our journey. It’s been a great time. And finally, we do know what you can do about the sulfur smell in well water. 

After successfully removing the awful smell, please share your experience with us. Your opinions matter most.

Goodbye for today. See you next time with a more wonderful segment.

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